New Webapp Simplifies Document Review, Track Changes and Document Collaboration

Collabloop enables efficient document reviewing, document sharing, collaboration, co-authoring and track changes.

San Jose, CA, September 02, 2016 --( Collabloop, a new webapp for Real time collaboration with document review, sharing & co-authoring goes into public launch today. Collabloop combines the power of several collaboration apps into one brilliantly simple platform.

Collabloop is a combination of document review, sharing, collaboration, simultaneous editing and auto document versioning all combined into one application. Collabloop enables users to collaboratively work on documents, contracts, product manuals, technical specs enabling an effective and efficient collaboration without having to manually combine or version the documents.

Collabloop saves hours of formatting, editing and authoring time and increases transparency in team collaboration. All changes within a document, highlights, edits, comments including approved or rejected ones can be viewed together in one single view. Review management, change control, change consolidation, comment reconciliation, comment threads and audit trails are some of the features of Collabloop. Different users can be assigned sections or paragraphs within a document to work on, while keeping whole document intact and completed sections within the document can be locked from further editing, enabling a seamless & easier version enabled document review process.

Collabloop initial tests have indicated that teams can be more productive and it helps save not only time and effort, but also eliminates the mistakes generated usually when combining different versions of documents. Collabloop enables track changes, one click reviews and notifies you when document is changed by someone else, ensuring you are always on track real time with document.

Collabloop is available for signup on and you can choose between On Premise, Cloud Shared or Cloud Private Instance deployments.

For more information about Collabloop, please visit

About Collabloop
Collabloop is a California based company and offers secure document sharing, collaboration, review & co-authoring on documents. Collabloop enables you to be more productive and facilitates the production of quality documents providing savings in both time and effort. It reduces your document review & co-authoring time and enables you to effortlessly share & collaborate with others.
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