Is Your Hadoop Big Data Secure? Gold Point Consulting Group Announces Online Course on Big Data Governance

Online Course Teaches Best Practices and Blueprints to implement Governance, Security, Data Privacy and Compliance for Hadoop Big Data Environments.

Herndon, VA, September 05, 2016 --( Gold Point Consulting, a leading provider of IT strategy and Analytics services announced today an online course on big data governance. The course teaches best practices and guidelines for making Hadoop compliant with security and privacy regulations. The online course describes how to overcome Hadoop vulnerabilities to cyber threats and data loss. It reveals techniques and designs for more compliant big data lake and Hadoop implementations. Hadoop is a highly popular open source parallel processing environment for big data analytics industry.

“Most organizations are implementing Hadoop open source data lakes without adequate security and privacy configurations,” said John Huseby, co-founder of Gold Point Consulting Group, “Security and data governance skills for Hadoop are in big demand because they have not caught up with the popularity of Hadoop.”

The course includes a book titled Big Data Governance: Modern Data Management Principles for Hadoop, NoSQL & Big Data Analytics. The online course offers simple and ready-to-use templates for implementing data governance for big data initiatives. It includes architectural diagrams and blueprints for successful implementation of data governance for big data lakes using Hadoop instances such as Cloudera, Horton Works and MAPR.

The online course covers several topics that highlight security and data governance gaps associated with Hadoop. It provides blueprints to develop data governance structure, organization and software platform. These topics include data privacy, data sovereignty, data access controls, data councils, data governance, data quality, meta-data management and data lifecycle management for Hadoop infrastructures such as Cloudera, Horton Works, and MAPR.

The online course offers a comprehensive look at big data best practices in data governance, data lakes, Hadoop and open source Apache tools. More course information and registration link can be found at:

“Many IT organizations are finding their data governance policies either inadequate or incomplete when it comes to their massive big data lakes,” said John Huseby, “This online course identifies gaps in data governance across enterprise. It’s an excellent course for IT security professionals because it offers ready-to-use template and recipes for building a data governance structure including key policies that must be considered for an enterprise wide data governance initiative.”

The 3-hour online course is a live, interactive presentation that teaches secrets to simple and low cost implementations of data governance across the enterprise. It suggests several architectural drawings for authentication, security, data privacy and access controls including Sentry, Kerberos, Ranger and other Apache tools such as the Atlas project.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion in Big Data Governance by Gold Point Consulting Group. The book is included in the course registration but can be obtained separately at:

“Creating a data governance guideline from scratch is not easy, in particular for big data analytics,” said John Huseby, “IT professionals and security consultants will love this course since it contains a data governance handbook template that can be easily adopted as a starting point for drafting big data governance policies for organizations of any size,” he added.

The course is designed for IT staff, those interested in big data initiatives, Chief Security Officers, IT security professionals, consultants, data analysts and data scientists who want to learn how to protect their big data assets and bring the entire enterprise data analytics under governance.

“One of the challenges in developing data governance is spotting which policies to adopt and in what hierarchy,” said John Huseby, “Big Data Governance course offers specific policy templates for proper data security measures such as file structures, access controls and privacy methods such as tokenization. This course will save IT professionals a lot of time and consulting expense since it includes ready-to-use policies and governance templates for big data.”

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