Three Leaf Yoga Celebrates Fall Prevention Awareness Week 2016 by Starting a New Weekly Class Entitled Balance for Seniors 50+ at the Livingston, NJ Community Center

For Seniors 50+ … Even a Single Fall May Trigger Life Disruption for Many. Due to the gravity of the consequences, everyone’s life in each victim’s support network is disrupted when Seniors 50+ experience a fall --- but there’s something that can be done to help prevent falls. Better balance may be accomplished by strengthening the muscles and re-training the brain to maneuver the body more safely when standing-up, walking around or sitting-down.

Livingston, NJ, September 19, 2016 --( How severe and life-changing is this problem of improper balance?

* A person’s risk of falling will increase with age
* One in three over the age of 65 – falls each year
* The result is 250,000 hip fractures suffered during falls each year

The consequences of just one fall may also have life-changing impact for many people in each victim’s support network: spouses, adult children, other relatives, personal care-givers (home health-aids/companions) and the like.

The scope of life disruption for the support network may be long in duration, as the impact of a fall may be severe --- necessitating a significant period of time for recovery and consequently a parallel time of extra-care involvement / disruption for the victim’s support network.

Because the medical outcomes noted above can be life changing, the prudent response may be: The best defense is a good offense. Therefore, the prudent approach is to do everything possible ahead-of-time so that each senior at risk doesn't fall in the first place.

One of the growing areas in senior wellness and fitness training is the topic of Balance Training for Seniors 50+. The purpose of this learning is to strengthen muscles, train/retrain the brain about proper posture and walking based on the safest techniques available for how to move with confidence.

A practical way to help reduce falls is for the support network to encourage each senior to enroll in a local wellness / fitness program that targets better balance.

As in Livingston NJ, various programs are available in many towns and may be found at a senior’s local community center, religious center, local YMCA, private senior housing facility, and the like.

There are basically three modalities for this training: (1) single session workshop with printed workbook for home use; (2) a perpetual series of classes; and (3) private, in-home sessions. Livingston, NJ is offering both the single session workshop and perpetual series of classes.

With several training models to choose from, the over-riding emphasis is to have all seniors receive Balance for Seniors 50+ training as part of their overall personal wellness program.

Three Leaf Yoga is one of the sources for this training and offers both the perpetual series of classes and private, in-home sessions. Each Balance for Seniors 50+ training program is adjusted for the particular abilities of the individual students present. Please call 973.476.8661 for more information.

Author: Linda Wheeler is a NETA-certified in Senior Fitness with a specialty in the subject of Balance and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and founder of Three Leaf Yoga™ in Livingston, NJ. Checkout the company’s website at
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