Learningonline.xyz Supports UN Global Goals for Quality Education with Its Online TESOL Program for Aspiring Language Teachers

The Global Goals for Quality Education are vital for the prosperous growth and development of nations throughout the world, and Learningonline.xyz aims to support the initiative with its affordable online TESOL course.

Cupertino, CA, September 08, 2016 --(PR.com)-- According to the United Nations (2016), approximately 103 million youth worldwide, lack the most basic literacy skills, out of which more than 60% are women. Statista (2016) estimated that from the total population of the world (7.5 billion roughly), only 1.5 billion people speak English despite the fact that it is, without a doubt, the most dominant language via which people, societies, businesses, etc. communicate and connect (UCI Division of Continuing Education, 2016). The above statistics clearly indicate a gap between those needing English literacy and the resources used to provide it.

Quality Education is the fourth goal of the Sustainable Development Initiative of the United Nations, founded on the belief that quality education forms the basis of sustainable development. The Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) course certifies that an individual is capable and qualified to teach English to speakers of another language, a course that helps a teacher or instructor gain not just vast amounts of knowledge about the English language but also about how to implement the best possible teaching method with regards to their student while countering cultural and other barriers (Mahuron, 2016).

Sue Brett, CEO of Learningonline.xyz commented, “We aim to offer aspiring teachers the perfect platform to hone their English teaching skills and gain a qualification with the help of the best possible resources. Low cost and easily accessible online, our hope is to reach the people who can make a difference, and remove the barriers of time, travel and cost. TESOL can open doors not only for teachers but also for their students, creating a circle of momentum for quality education and opportunities.”

English language is a global language, used for casual as well as business communication, and learning it is an important step to building bridges and creating opportunities. Learningonline.xyz gives aspiring language teachers a chance to obtain the knowledge and the certificate online, at their own pace and in their own time.

“Cultural and linguistic diversity is increasing throughout the world at a phenomenal pace. Due to globalization of companies, tourism, increased mobility, and the Internet in a digital era, overseas employers are seeking candidates who have training in teaching English and a proficiency in cross-cultural sensitivity and diplomacy. The high demand for English teachers with a strong knowledge base for effective teaching and an understanding of language acquisition means there are so many ways to make a difference on a global stage. The other enormous benefit is that the skills learned can be applied to teaching other languages as well," added Ms Brett.

TESOL certification is an essential tool to contribute to Global Education and learningonline.xyz is the perfect platform to deliver this in an affordable and accessible way.
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