Annie of Quit Her Job as an Attorney to Sail, Wants to Help Others Live Her Dream

Annie was a lawyer and quit her job to sail. She most recently crossed the Atlantic, but has many cruising trips planned this fall / winter including to Cuba. What is different about Have Wind Will Travel as a vlog / blog is that Annie tells the ups, downs, and everything in between. The upcoming season of videos is focused on how to get out there and live this lifestyle.

Pensacola, FL, September 14, 2016 --( Annie was unhappy and unhealthy working as an attorney, so she quit her job to dedicate more of her time to traveling, writing and sailing with her boyfriend, Phillip. She started her blog to share their story and inspire others to pursue their dreams of adventure, cruising and a less-is-more lifestyle.

Of course, switching to a cruising lifestyle is not without its sacrifices. She calls it the hardest, most rewarding thing she has ever done.

Most recently, the couple sailed across the Atlantic from Florida to France, and they are preparing for a series of upcoming trips, including one to Cuba.

Annie’s dream is to create more cruisers, one dreamer at a time. They have given away two sailing packages to their patrons on Patreon, and are planning on a third.

The new season of videos will focus on "how to" live a less is more lifestyle, while seeing the world and truly savoring it. Annie is kicking this season off with a much requested video focused on getting more women out there sailing with their significant others.

To share her story and help others get out on the boat, she is using Patreon to raise funds.

Her blog is located at: and her Patreon page is she is also on facebook at and on instagram @HaveWindWillTravel.

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