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Even if the old website became popular among users due to the useful contend, feedback received suggested the need for a better structure and a much friendly interface.

New York, NY, September 10, 2016 --( Healthy Living Benefits is happy to present the launch of a new and improved website. The voice of its readers was heard and listened so now uncovered the brand new web page dedicated to anyone interested in living a healthy life and improving its quality by using different dietary supplements. As it was required, a new and user-friendly interface is available and the information is now restructured so it’s easier to find what you need without browsing the entire site.

Scientists and chemists worked together for years to create safe and efficient products which enhance the brain and body’s ability to perform at a higher level. The supplement market is growing fast and it is essential to learn everything about a product before deciding to use it. This is why Healthy Living Benefits became more and more popular among people interested in dietary supplements. To keep up with the public demands, the admin decided to make some changes.

The website redesign has individual sections organized horizontally on the homepage and the internal pages are organized by topic. By scrolling down the landing page, readers can get a quick scan of the homepage and then find their subject of interest by clicking on specific sections. From now on the information on the website is structured on four relevant pages: supplement reviews, supplement articles, Ingredients, and contact. The data is divided into larger categories of supplements like creatine supplements, Fat burners, Protein supplements or Weight loss supplements. Another easy way to find the needed information is based on the problem you are trying to improve: acne treatments, anti-aging Supplements, colon cleanse, depression treatment, fat burners, joint treatments, multivitamins, sleep aid, weight loss supplements or wrinkle treatments.

As of now, you can easily read hundreds of articles on a wide variety of subjects related to health, most of which reveal secret formulas for some new groundbreaking supplements. Some examples include “Whey Vs. Casein Protein,” “Pre-Workout Snack – 10 Foods to Eat Before a Workout,” “Best Fat-Burning Supplements,” “How to Use Creatine, Does Creatine Really Work?” “Best Supplements for Muscle Growth or Benefits of Taking Protein.”

“Our primary objective is to offer our readers involved information so they can make an informed decision regarding the best supplement for their health problem,” says Brett Weston, one of the writers. This is why starting now, a new column is added: Ingredients. Because it’s important to understand how each element interacts with the human body, the reader will continually find published articles describing its benefits and side effects.

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About Healthy Living Benefits:
Healthy Living Benefits is an online health magazine that brings impartial information on healthy lifestyle, living, exercise, beauty, and weight loss. Based in the US, the staff aims to offer their readers all the necessary information to make smart lifestyle choices. The website has registered rapid popularity growth over the last months and has created a new and friendly interface to give their visitors a better user experience.
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