Monitis Global Watch Adds New Location Free of Charge

Monitis, one-stop web performance monitoring and analytics service, adds a new German location to its Global Watch network. This new service is provided at no extra cost to existing users. It expands the Monitis current monitoring base in the United States, Europe and Central America.

San Jose, CA, January 23, 2008 --( External monitoring measures end-user experience and can be performed from as many geographic location as required to fully monitor customer experience with a website. External monitoring agents simulate customers visiting Web sites from many countries. Monitis servers, located in different geographical areas, periodically check Web site status and report immediate results. The servers not only produce reports but also take actions to notify site owners when downtime is detected from any of those locations. The notifications and alerts are sent in the form of email and/or short message (SMS) so that quick action can be taken before clients notice the problem.

Monitis is a customer focused on-demand service that develops many of its features and updates based on client response, suggestions and needs. Monitis clients can now monitor Websites from four countries including USA, UK, Panama and Germany. Monitoring from Germany is provided at no cost to basic plan premium subscribers and higher.

“The European market is one of the most promising and a strategic opportunity for our clients in web service providers and online retailers segments,” said Monitis President and CEO, Hovhannes Avoyan. “The Monitis network coverage enhancement with a new monitoring location in Germany will greatly help Web site owners ensure quality web user experience for European customers.”

Monitis offers companies business-critical website performance and availability monitoring, enabling them to deliver non-stop web user experience and gain higher customer satisfaction. As more and more businesses go online, there is a growing demand in external uptime monitoring. Downtime results in lost traffic and revenues from potential clients.

About Monitis
Monitis is a leading provider of complete web performance monitoring and analytics. Companies use Monitis website performance quality monitoring to gain competitive advantage through efficient business execution, quality user experience and nonstop operations. Monitis checks and measures website performance from global and local perspectives twenty four hours a day seven days a week. The company serves more than 17,000 users and monitors more than 70,000 sites and devices.

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