ISPreview Study - UK Broadband Users Seeks Faster Upload Speeds

The latest consumer survey of over 2,209 Internet connected people in the United Kingdom has reported that the vast majority are familiar with broadband upload speeds, which is despite many ISPs failing to advertise them, and around two thirds claim to need an upload rate of 10-20Mbps (Megabits per second).

London, United Kingdom, September 14, 2016 --( A new web-based survey of 2,209 Internet users in the United Kingdom (*), which was conducted by the consumer telecoms and broadband ISP information website, has claimed that 94% of respondents are now familiar with upload speeds and 38% claim to "NEED" an upload performance of 20Mbps (Megabits per second) or greater.

Most of what people do online today is still download centric, which means that it predominantly involves data being transferred from servers on the Internet and then sent to your computer (e.g. downloading files, video streaming, browsing websites).

By comparison uploads go in the other direction (i.e. data sent from your computer to the Internet), which benefits multiplayer video games, VoIP calls, VPN, cloud computing / storage, social networks (e.g. sharing your personal videos and pictures online), Peer-2-Peer file sharing, FTP and so forth.

The results represent an interesting shift from a similar study conducted by in November 2014, which found that only 42% of UK respondents knew the upload speed of their broadband package and 58.5% didn't view it as being an important part of how they used the Internet.

How much upload speed do you currently have (pick closest)?
1Mbps - 31.2%
10Mbps - 25%
20Mbps+ - 20.9%
5Mbps - 11.5%
2Mbps - 8.6%
Unsure - 2.5%

How much upload speed do you really need today (pick closest)?
20Mbps+ - 37.7%
10Mbps - 27.7%
5Mbps - 15.7%
Unsure - 7.1%
2Mbps - 6.9%
1Mbps - 4.6%

"In the past the need for upload performance was considerably lower because most of the related tasks, such as multiplayer video games and VoIP, didn't require a particularly fast upstream link. But over the years' this has begun to change, particularly with the rapid rise of social networking (Facebook, WhatsApp), cloud storage and the adoption of P2P file sharing technology into many digital distribution platforms (e.g. Microsoft updates, XBox Live etc.)," said's Founder, Mark Jackson.

"Suffice to say that it's easy to see why the demand for better upload performance is growing, as anybody who has ever tried to upload a large number of high quality pictures and videos via a 1Mbps connection to Facebook could easily attest. Sadly many ISPs are still reluctant to openly promote upload speeds, which is partly because such speeds are often slower than the download rate and providers may fear that this could confuse consumers," added Jackson.

"Furthermore it's clear from this that the Government's plan to introduce a new 10Mbps Universal Service Obligation (USO) by 2020 must pay serious heed to the need for comparable upload performance, particularly with 65% of respondents now claiming to 'NEED' an upload speed of 10-20Mbps+," concluded Jackson.

* Online poll conducted between 29th July and 9th September 2016 with 2,209 UK Internet connected readers of the ISPreview website.
Mark Jackson