DTR Inc.’s CEO, Jay Goldberg, Announces His Fall 2016 Teaching Schedule

Mr. Goldberg’s courses are on entrepreneurship, computers and rock music history.

West Palm Beach, FL, September 15, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Jay Goldberg will be teaching four courses in the Community Education Program in Palm Beach County, Florida. At Jupiter Community High School he will be teaching, “How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business” and “Rock Music History: 1970 to 1976.” At Palm Beach Central Community High School in Wellington he is teaching “How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business” and at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach he is teaching “Computer and Internet Basics.”

“How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business” is a course that covers business plans, strategic planning, marketing including advertising and branding, industry analysis, financials including cash flow and local sources for funds, how to do business in Florida, using social media to help grow your customer base, customer service strategies, and much more. During the class the participant entrepreneurs are encouraged to ask questions about their specific businesses. If you are a musician, Mr. Goldberg has recently performed a lot of research on that industry so take the course, ask questions, and learn how to turn your hobby into a business.

“Rock Music History: 1970 to 1976” goes through each month during this time frame, and looks at some of the key historical events that happened that month. This information is presented in a fun try to guess the event/musical artist from the clue game show like format. There is also information on the top hits and albums that month, the albums released that month and concert video of a song released that month.

‘Computer and Internet Basics” is for people new to computers and the Internet. The course starts with mouse control and keyboard shortcuts and goes on to topics such as cut/copy/paste, save and save as, using menus, going to web sites, favorite places, using search engines (Google) and email, and more.

You can sign up for the courses online at https://apm.activecommunities.com/aceschools/Activity_Search.

When you get to this page, look on your left, scroll down to instructor, find Jay Goldberg, and check his box. His four courses will then appear on your screen. Scroll up to see them.
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