Healthy Living Website “HLBenefits“ Reveal New Look and Broader Coverage on Health Topics

The initial website was highly accessed and in demand and the annual customer survey results have shown the need for a new, fresh approach to the website and its articles.

New York, NY, September 14, 2016 --( Healthy Living Benefits is happy to reveal a new, refreshed website. The additions on the website are the website’s health articles which are now accompanied by tips and tricks offered by health and nutrition professionals, there is a new Skinny looks best on you section, which gives advice, details and sound information on how to become skinny and stay skinny while being in perfect health and balance and the third addition is a forum for the website’s readers to share experiences and information and where they can find professional advice on health related issues.

Health articles continue to be the main point of interest on the website. The articles, are accompanied by expert tips, tricks and advice from doctors, consultants and nutrition specialists and provide sound and hands-on information on how to become and/or stay healthy. Some examples include: boosting the immune system with honey and garlic, providing at the same time nutrition information and do’s and don’ts on the subject.

Skinny looks best on you is the section where the visitors of the website can find information on healthy eating, diet, exercise and an overall section full of articles meant to help visitors to lose weight, stay skinny and be happy.

The forum section is divided into topics into health, diet, balanced life, nutrition truths and many other related health issues. Each topic is sustained by a professional in his/her area of expertise. Visitors are now able to address questions, open topics and these are answered by a professional. On the forum, visitors can also share experiences, ideas, thoughts and advice. The forum is being supervised by an administrator so that the user experience to be a fair and helpful one while on the website.

The site offers an overall solution to finding the perfect balance between living a full life while staying in excellent health and encourages visitors to search for healthy ways rather than untested ways of finding health. Healthy life, exercise and a proper diet are encouraged on the new Mens Sana in Corpore Sana website.

The new site’s aim is to offer exactly what can be read in its title – Healthy Living Benefits – A perfect mind in a healthy body.

To see the new website and find out more, please visit:

About Healthy Living Benefits:
Healthy Living Benefits is a health online magazine, that emphasizes on healthy living, the balance between body and mind, healthy diet, exercise and weight loss. Based in the United Kingdom, the staff and professionals that collaborate with the magazine, have the aim to help and encourage people to make sound choices in life, offer more time to living a healthy life and not ignoring signs that are worrying and they do all of this with a huge passion for health. The new website offers exactly this goal while with the new additions that have been made, trying to assist even more, their readers.
Brian Owen