ParadoxLabs Launches Updated Payment Extension for Increased Security

The Authorize.Net CIM payment extension for Magento® 1 now supports Accept.js

Lancaster, PA, September 15, 2016 --( ParadoxLabs stays on the cutting edge of ecommerce with their updated Authorize.Net CIM payment extension.

Authorize.Net, a premier online payment processor, has recently released a new API product: ‘Accept.js’. Accept.js is a modern web alternative to Direct Post Method, allowing credit card information to be sent straight from a customer’s browser to Authorize.Net. In its place, Authorize.Net gives a secure one-time-use token for transaction processing. This helps to improve a website’s security and reduce PCI compliance exposure, as sensitive credit card data never touches the customer’s server.

ParadoxLabs is excited to announce version 2.3.0 of their Authorize.Net CIM payment method extension for Magento 1, now with full support for Accept.js. To ensure continued customer satisfaction, Accept.js has minimal impact on user experience, and should be compatible with all standard checkout solutions. The credit card form is located on a company’s own website, and uses their own templates and styles. It supports all Authorize.Net customers, US and international.

Since Accept.js sends credit card data directly to Authorize.Net, merchants who use this extension and Accept.js for all credit card transactions may be eligible for PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) A-EP, rather than the more intensive PCI SAQ D form.

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