Celebrating a Journey of 8 Years, NDOT Reflects Experience and Ambition

No longer in the startup sector, NDOT has been erecting a responsible business framework for eight years, and is now expanding its new opportunities to a new space at Tidel Park, Coimbatore.

Coimbatore, India, September 20, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Adopting a trend to build a business is always a risk and requires business owners discover new loopholes that have gone unnoticed. When mobile innovations are growing at a staggering pace, NDOT is celebrating its journey of eight years in the industry which reflects experience and ambition with the ability to transform the team’s thought process to positive results. NDOT, with its ebbs and flows, has successfully passed through its eighth year to step into a new phase, moving into the new facility at Tidel Park, Coimbatore.

“We were surprised by the countless demands from our customers, even amongst the crowd of applications, for ones that gratify their individual needs,” commented Nandakumar Somasundaram, CEO of NDOT. “We thereby decided not to settle for anything less, but more, than what our customers deserve, the fundamental which enabled our business to take a sharp turn. We believe, to work is to collaborate to learn and share with others to accomplish new heights.”

About eight years ago, in 2008, when a group of 10 ambitious young men decided to make a digital makeover to the internet of things, the ground was barren but their vision unclogged. They had the right conviction and resources to unlock the potential platforms and see through the success amidst stiff competition. Their success, spanning different industry verticals, effortlessly speak of where they have arrived.

NDOT is an enterprise level product-based company developing smartphone-based applications that serve clients of all sizes. The journey of NDOT started with setting the stage for taxi-hailing applications, the idea that magnified and multiplied to serve various other industries. The NDOT team has succeeded to make a mark in the industry with their feet firmly fixed on the ground but with an enhanced vision and novel ideas.
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