Beach Coders Academy Trumps the Big Money Coding Bootcamps

Beach Coders Academy continues to deliver successful education practices much to the chagrin of the "big money" VC backed coding bootcamps.

Los Angeles, CA, September 19, 2016 --( Beach Coders Academy, a web coding educational "coding bootcamp" in El Segundo, CA leads their programs on the principals of how people learn and how they face and overcome challenges. The founder, James DeCicco has a background in personal growth psychology and when researching the coding school space, saw the opportunity to differentiate his company by focusing on people and their needs first. "So many coding bootcamps have great modern curriculum, but the faculty are delivering the content in a vastly outdated way and as such, they experience attrition and drop outs," said DeCicco. "By discovering and truly understanding the 'why' behind a person's choice to enroll in a coding bootcamp, we have nearly 100% completion rate, high satisfaction and mounting success stories among graduates." Web coding bootcamps have become all the rage as booming tech company jobs cause massive demands into 2020. Millennials as well as gen-xer's and boomers are turning to coding bootcamps like Beach Coders to quickly gain the skills they need to pivot their careers and increase their earning potential. Beach Coders's Academy attributes its success to its ability to quickly adapt to marketplace needs and revise its curriculum on demand. "Our focus on people's personal goals is something that will continue to drive our success," said DeCicco. Beach Coder's academy has experienced double digit growth and actively is expanding to a second location in Orange County, CA. For more information about Beach Coders, visit
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James Decicco