Learningonline.xyz Announces Massive Discounts on Cudoo Online Courses in Celebration of the European Day of Languages

Learningonline.xyz supports the European Day of Languages with exciting offers to promote language diversity and cultural awareness.

Cupertino, CA, September 21, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The European Day of Languages, celebrated on the 26th of September every year, was launched after the success of the European Year of Languages for the year 2001. At the eve of the closing event for European Year of Languages in Belgium (December, 2001), the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe took the initiative to launch the European Day of Languages to continue the cultural objective of raising awareness of Europe’s rich linguistic diversity, encouraging citizens to learn two or more languages and widen the language options horizon to learners (European Day of Languages, 2016).

Europe is said to be the home of more than 200 local languages, of which 24 are stated as official languages. The increase in immigration and global mobility over the last couple of decades has led to a rise in the number of languages spoken. Research suggests that almost 300 languages are spoken in schools in the city of London (England) alone (The Telegraph, 2015). Being culturally and linguistically diverse has various advantages, and the benefits of multilingualism are not just confined to foreign language fluency; they expand positive cognitive, personal, social and professional outcomes (MultilingualLiving, 2010).

Sue Brett, CEO of Learningonline.xyz commented, “European Day of Languages is a day to celebrate the diversity of languages and culture of Europe, from the whisky warmth of Scottish Gaelic to the invigorating iciness of Norwegian and Greenlandic. We aim to support this fantastic initiative an offer to access all these glorious languages for just $5. We hope to make language learning more accessible and provide a smorgasbord of culture for everyone.”

The European Day of Languages is an event that embraces and celebrates the linguistic differences of nations and cultures across the European region. Learningonline.xyz offers keen students the chance to learn any language and celebrate the European Day of Languages with 75% off at cudoo.com with the simple coupon code ‘EDOL2016’.

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