HotWork Company Introduces a Unique Video Tool Which Can Help Pass a Job Interview

In September 2016, the Hotwork international job aggregator provided a unique video tool to help applicants pass a job interview effectively. The tool has already been launched in Russian, and now it is available in English.

Cape Town, South Africa, September 23, 2016 --( The video tool consists of 10 of the most common questions asked by recruiters at the interviews. Any person can find out what is the best relevant answer to every recruiter's question.

The video tool is available for free and can be found on and All users have to do is watch the video, choose the correct answer (in their opinion), then they get the explanation of why the chosen answer is right or not. The most appropriate answer is also provided and explained.

Julia Nesterets, the founder of the Hotwork international project, has told why this tool is unique and useful for any applicant:

"This unique interview simulator can show people how to answer the most common questions on interviews properly. They will stop losing points responding intuitively, and they will start using every opportunity to show themselves as the best candidates for the position!"

The video is composed by the experienced professionals working in HR and recruiting area, Mrs. Nesterets has also taken part in creating the video as she has got many years of experience in this field.

About the company:
HotWork is an international job aggregator, it was launched in 2013 and now the project has become international. Mission of the Hotwork Team is to inspire users, to show how to look for a job effectively, to open new perspectives for them and also offer them a lot of jobs available now.
Hanna Milo