Introducing GloboTech’s New One-Click App to Combat Cloud Complexity

Montreal, Canada, September 23, 2016 --( GloboTech Communications, a leading Canadian provider of enterprise cloud hosting, announced today the addition of the exciting, new One-Click application to its Cloud Platform offering. Designed with pure simplicity in mind, One-Click enables users to deploy their favorite applications within seconds in the GloboTech Cloud, ready to use.

With this new GloboTech Cloud feature, business professionals will no longer have to drag through mundane and irrelevant underlying platform details when working to achieve their goals. Instead, the streamlined process enshrined in GloboTech One-Click empowers every user to spend more time and energy on the things that really matter: their core business. The One-Click applications feature for simplified Cloud application use by GloboTech is due to become available for customers fromSeptember 20, 2016 12PM (ETA).

One-Click applications are a prime example of the unique GloboTech dedication to customer experience in the face of increasing complexity in the cloud hosting industry. At a time when the "Cloud" has become almost eponymous for bulk and bloat, GloboTech beats the competition by keeping their values clear throughout the development process. This philosophy of keeping it simple for customers without having to compromise speed, features, or reliability is at the heart of all that is GloboTech's Cloud Server innovation.

The aspirational goals set by GloboTech's customer-oriented attitude towards hosting are achieved by building their Cloud with only the latest cutting-edge technologies. This enables the GloboTech Cloud to be lightning fast, yet easily scalable, and furthermore, remain remarkably resilient for even the most demanding applications. The upcoming One-Click applications feature reinforces the GloboTech philosophy in a desire to not only improve the hosting experience of all clients, but also enable them to enhance how they interact with the Cloud Platform itself. Comprehensive, yet smooth, interactions with the Cloud form the core of what features such as One-Click work to enable. Following the initial launch of One-Click applications later in September, GloboTech plans to continuously add even more applications to its Cloud Platform to continue to empower their customers to do better business.

"We want to make it simple and easy for our customer to launch their favorite CMS or Applications - such as WordPress, Joomla, ownCloud, or a regular LAMP Stack – with one click and zero technical knowledge," said Anthony Levesque, Product Designer at GloboTech. "While Our SSD Cloud Servers are built to be fast and reliable, the addition of our new One-Click Apps makes it a complete turnkey solution. Our One-Click Apps are available with any Cloud Server Packages and we made sure to keep the pricing low – starting as low as $10 per month or $0.0139 per hour."

This Montreal-based company has indeed done just that, with the One-Click application feature being just one component in their comprehensive platform offering, complete with a fully immersive cloud portal that boasts how few clicks users need to do, well, basically everything. Considering this, it is only natural that GloboTech would bring about a feature that is known literally as "One-Click" applications.

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Originally founded in 1999, GloboTech has steadily evolved over the years to become one of Canada's most significant hosting providers with a wide range of services and solutions for every customer. Currently, the company supports thousands of servers within its constantly growing infrastructure, providing their expertise on standard and complex hosting solutions in over 150 countries worldwide.
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