Mirabile MD Suggests Medi-Weightloss to Subside Obesity Rates in Kansas City

Increase in obesity rates in Kansas City implies why it is imperative for individuals to take up weight loss programs and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Overland Park, KS, September 24, 2016 --(PR.com)-- A recent study reveals that adult obesity rates have reduced in four states namely Minnesota, New York, Montana and Ohio, whereas the rates have taken an upward trend in Kansas and Kentucky. Increased obesity rates put individuals at increased risks for several diseases including heart disease and diabetes.

Mirabile MD, the leading health and wellness center encourages everyone to sign up for their Medi-Weightloss programs to maintain a healthy weight. Their weight loss program is offered in three phases and provides all the necessary tools required to lose weight.

A spokesperson said, "Our medical professionals prescribe a program for you based on your lifestyle and your medical history. The combination of our exclusively formulated signature supplements, vitamin and mineral based injections and FDA approved prescription appetite suppressants work together to enhance your metabolism, manage appetite and keep you feeling great during your weight loss process."

According to an analysis based on the survey of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance, the adult obesity rate of the Kansas State lies at 34.2 on a scale of 1 to 51, with 1 being the lowest rate of adult obesity and 51 being the highest. The company's medical professionals will work closely with their patients to make sure the intended results are achieved in time.

"Our weight loss program is offered with a difference. We balance education, appetite management, and activity to lose weight. Our patients will also learn strategies to keep weight off using real food. Our program isn't a mere quick fix to resolve obesity problems, but we help you adopt a lifestyle that is balanced and healthy," said the spokesperson.

Mirabile MD describes itself as the one-stop shop for wellness. By combining MedCosmetic, Medi-Weightloss, Gynecology & Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy services in Kansas City, their professionals are able to offer patients a synergistic approach to medical aesthetics, weight loss and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and gynecological treatment.

Mirabile MD was founded by James Mirabile, MD who is well respected among patients and colleagues for his work in obstetrics, gynecology, medical cosmetics and medical weight loss and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy in the Kansas City metro area.

"We provide our services for men and women throughout Kansas City. On average, Medi-Weightloss patients lose 7 pounds the first week, and then, 2 to 3 pounds each week thereafter for the first month. Our weight loss program is safe and actually works than other conventional and potentially unsafe weight loss methods," said James.

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Bio-identical Hormone Therapy Review
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