Social Feed: Yapp Brings Social Networking to Event Apps

Mobile app company, Yapp, launches a new feature, Social Feed, with the ability for mobile users to write posts, share photos as well as react to posts from others by "liking" or commenting.

New York, NY, September 27, 2016 --( Yapp, a mobile app creation platform specializing in event apps, announced a new feature today - Social Feed. This feature aims to enhance the attendee experience by allowing them to network, interact and connect with each other. With Social Feed, attendees can "like" and comment on other posts much like Facebook in addition to posting their own photos, comments and questions.

“We designed Social Feed with one simple idea in mind: A private social community within the event app,” said Maria Seidman, co-founder and CEO of Yapp. “We want event attendees, planners and partners to have one place to join in and monitor the digital action going on with the event. Social Feed eliminates the need to use Facebook, Twitter or anything else by bringing social networking features to the event app.”

The goal with Social Feed is to supercharge attendee engagement and help planners create an unforgettable event experience. It is a win-win for everyone involved: Attendees can interact with each other, sponsors can jump in on live conversations and planners can gather real-time feedback. This is how you boost engagement at events with mobile apps.

Social Feed can be used in a multitude of ways such as for a dedicated Q&A section in the app or as an in-app social networking tool for attendees. Event planners will have better insight into what attendees are talking about, can react to real-time feedback they receive and respond to any questions. Sponsors, exhibitors and even speakers can engage with attendees right in the app.

Social Feed comes with the following capabilities:

Event app users can post a text comment or photo from their mobile device.

Other event app users can "like" the photo or comment posted by a previous user. Yapp plans to release other reactions in the coming months.

Event app users can also comment on a previous post allowing them to have a back-and-forth conversation right in the Social Feed.

The best part about these reactions is that app users will be notified via a push notifications when someone comments or likes on their posts bringing them back to the event app and increasing overall app usage.

Finally, if an app user makes a mistake, they can also edit or delete their posts.

“With our new Social Feed feature, we've focused relentlessly on one-step setup for event planners and being completely natural and easy to use for attendees. Everyone can instinctively engage with this feature, and enrich and deepen their experiences around your event. It’s a great example of everything we strive for in our product development efforts,” shares Yapp co-founder and CTO, Luke Melia.

Pricing and availability
Social Feed is available immediately and can be added to any Yapp apps, including demo apps created during the free trial. For more information on Yapp visit:

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