Musical Solutions for Cahuita's Community

Cahuita’s Family Band head to Limon to participate in the marching band parade in celebration of the 154th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival in Costa Rica this Sunday, 25th September.

san Jose, Costa Rica, September 25, 2016 --( The Cahuita Family Band has a strong membership from the town’s young population who have built up the group from nothing to a musical force in the region over the last few years. Their participation in the Christopher Columbus Anniversary celebrations in Limon this Sunday marks another step towards their recognition in this very competitive musical field.

Led by drummer Jay Andy Herriquez and lyrist and dancer, Kenroy Evagonish, the band has a demanding practice schedule to ensure that the drums, lyres, percussion and dancers are all together in rhythm and movements. Many members juggle studies, work and parenting commitments to play in the band. The community support for the Family Band is strong as involvement in this cultural activity is helping to keep young people away from negative influences, such as drugs, which are unfortunately an issue in the area.

From the youngest member, Jamel, who is just 5 years old to those in their twenties; the band brings together children and young adults to work together as a team. The band often struggle to find adequate practice space as the large group with their instruments requires a well-lit space to rehearse, but it is hoped that local residents will continue to support the use of the local park and community center, as the practices also draw the interest of tourists.

Their last performance in Cahuita’s town center for the celebrations of Independence Day on September 15th brought the crowds to their feet with their rousing drumming, great tunes, and synchronized dance steps.

The band has been supported by the fund-raising efforts of family and community members to pay for uniforms and transportation to allow them to compete and parade in various events nationwide. For more information on how the band has changed young lives in the community or how you can support them, contact them at
Sara Ford
+506 84431691