Hit G7 Industries Expands SaveThatShow.com with StaTuS, TV Viewers “Stat” as They Watch TV

Hit G7's SaveThatShow StaTuS feature gives TV viewers the ability to "Stat" their favorite TV programs as they watch, or anytime they get the feeling.

New York, NY, October 03, 2016 --(PR.com)-- A New York company, Hit G7 Industries, has expanded its website, SaveThatShow.com, to allow visitors to “Stat” their favorite programs while they are viewing them, or anytime they get the feeling. StaTuS graphically updates viewer’s sentiments every 2 min for 30 min shows, and every 5 min for 1 hour shows. The latest comments for each show are displayed with the graph.

“Viewers like to be included. And people like the feeling of displaying their sentiment about the shows they love, in real time with others,” CEO Christopher Burrell says. “That is what Hit G7 aimed for with Save That Show.com, inclusion, and viewer participation. This is what StaTuS is all about. Most viewers in the United States, and around the world, have felt that they have been left out of the TV ratings process. Hit G7 seeks to remedy this." StaTuS, TV Counting You.

Burrell says that the networks can use the site to see what viewers are presently thinking and feeling about the shows they love, and viewers can “Stat” to see just how they themselves, and others felt about an episode of their favorite TV show. Network sentiments are also tracked by StaTuS.
Hit G7 Industries
Christopher Burrell