Shenoa & Company Conquers an Industry Downturn by Quadrupling Their 2007 Sales Over 2006

The online diamond wholesaler Shenoa & Company plans to build on their record setting 4th Quarter sales.

New York, NY, January 24, 2008 --( Shenoa & Company, has brought in the New Year with a record setting 4th quarter. Besides popping the champagne to celebrate the New Year and quadrupling their 2007 sales over 2006, what will Shenoa & Company do for an encore?

What is the secret to their success? “We face the same challenges as our competitors; our advantage, we are constantly striving to push scalable growth in all facets of our company,” states Blane Perun, VP of Online Marketing.

Shenoa & Company will use their 4th quarter success as a launching point for some potentially industry changing initiatives in 2008.

“This is a very exciting time for Shenoa & Company. Despite the deluge of new technologies, competition and economic fluctuations, Shenoa & Company have big plans for the New Year” comments Scott Cowan, COO of Shenoa & Company.

“The cornerstone to continue our double digit growth in 2008 is to improve the user experience on the website and to increase the education of our staff and clients,” remarks Blane Perun, VP of Online Marketing.

Education of the staff is not limited to just the sales team; the entire organization is undergoing sweeping improvements in all departments. From a client facing perspective, educating the staff will instill confidence in their abilities to provide better recommendations and customer service to an increasingly fickle client base.

Conversely by providing education to the clients, it allows the customer to increase their understanding of industry basics and jargon. This in turn makes the buying process a more enjoyable experience. Statistically an educated customer is a repeat customer.

About Shenoa: Founded in 1980, Shenoa and Company is one of the fastest growing online retailers of certified diamonds and jewelry. With photos, drop down menus and special features, the Shenoa Web site makes it easy and affordable to shop for jewelry.

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