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US Night Vision Corporation

US Night Vision Corp BlackOut™ Infrared Filters Used in Iraq by US Army

Rocklin, CA, January 24, 2008 --( Since 2003, US Night Vision Corp. BlackOut™ Infrared Filter Kits have been used on US military HMMWVs and trucks operating overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. Originally developed to help our troops see more effectively at night when driving with night vision goggles, various branches of the US Military now use BlackOut™ infrared filters, including the US Army.

In the recent ABC national news special broadcast report entitled: “The Real 24 –One Day in the Life” which first aired 1/22/08, a US Army unit from Fort Riley, KS was shown going about its typical nighttime patrol duties in a suburb of Bagdad. The combat unit rode in an armored HMMWV that was outfitted with BlackOut™ infrared filters covering the headlights and tailights of the vehicle.

As the US Army HUMMWV drove through the dark streets of Bagdad, the ABC night vision adapted video camera panned out the front windshield to reveal a well illuminated urban roadway. This infrared light can only be seen through night vision goggles and the additional infrared light provided by the filtered headlights help our troops detect possible IEDs, (improvised explosive devises) obstructions and other potential hazards in the roadway that might pose a threat to American war fighters.

US Night Vision Corp is a proud supporter of our troops and the BlackOut™ Infrared products are one of the company’s many contributions to assist US troops in winning the war on terror.

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