Invisco Announces High Performance Rooftop Whole House Fan

At 4,730 CFM and 370 watts, this whole house fan breaks all records. It is made possible by using the new Invisco Tornado rooftop turbine ventilator - a new version of the proven CSR Edmonds Hurricane.

Temecula, CA, October 07, 2016 --( Until now, home owners with no attics have not been able to add the cost reduction that is offered by whole house fans. For the first time in history home owners can now get a high performance whole house fan that mounts on the roof, not in an attic.

Invisco has combined the incredible air flow offered by the Edmonds Hurricane design but now built in the US to bring you 4.730 CFM air flow with a very effective roof top rain hat.

Unlike traditional gravity ventilators from Greenheck and LorenCook that have flat roofs, the new Tornado rooftop turbine allows air to flow up and right out.

The result is more air flow than ever before in a 20 inch diameter rooftop whole house fan.

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Kurt Shafer