This Invisco Cell Phone Radiation Shield is Bigger Than Your Pocket

Kurt Shafer, Founder and Inventor at Invisco LLC has released a new shield with more performance than any other on the market with 6 unique layers, each of which is one of the top 6 shielding fabrics and foils you can find. This eliminates the question "how do I know this will work?" And the shield is so big (6 in by 8 in) that you can cut it for a perfect fit in any pocket. Not many flat shields prevent radiation from getting around the edge. - February 08, 2022

Modern Hybrid Rooftop Ventilation System Has Optional SelfClosing Raintop

The first Hybrid Rooftop to be built in America offers the best of free gravity air flow plus optional motorized air flow in one unit. It uses a very high performance turbine rain hat that allows air to flow up and out unimpeded. The turbine is the first in history to close all the blades and drop the top so all air movement is stopped so it acts just like a damper. - February 02, 2022

Thorwaldson Whole House Fans Announces First Automatic Window Control

Whole house fan owners often turn on their fans remotely while on the way home. They must leave a window open if they plan to do that. Now they can leave the windows securely closed at all times. When this control is installed it prevents the window from opening until the whole house fan is turned on. A local switch allows manual opening when needed. - June 06, 2021

Home Owners Associations Need This Storage Shed That Hides Behind Low Walls

Invisco announces the world's first shed with a pop up roof for communities with HOA rules that disallow sheds higher than the walls or fences. Kurt Shafer, owner and inventor, offers pop up roofs at no more cost than one with a fixed roof. - November 05, 2020

Invisco Announces Handyman Advice Now Available at a Very Attractive Price

We all know about sites that offer advice, some of them for just a dollar (to get started). But you can now get a full week of advice on any number of issues for a very low price. - March 17, 2020

Thorwaldson Now Selling Hybrid Rooftop Ventilators in Australia

Thorwaldson, a division of Invisco LLC, has opened in Australia to offer industrial and commercial building engineers the best performance in a hybrid rooftop ventilator ever offered. CSR Edmonds in Seven Hills, NSW, was the first to create the modern hybrid ventilator concept with their EcoPower series. - January 06, 2020

Invisco Announces New Garage Door Window Kit

For homeowners who have a garage with a door with no windows, there is now a new answer to the question about what it would take to add windows. Here is the latest answer to that. - December 19, 2019

Invisco Announces LogTag Battery Replacement Services

Log Tag Recorders company in Auckland, New Zealand sells several very good and very popular data recorders that are battery powered with no easy way to replace the batteries. Invisco has changed that. - December 19, 2019

Certified Master Home Inspector Kurt Shafer Offers Luxury Home Team

Luxury home buyers now have more expertise available to maximize their success and minimize issues when buying large homes at high prices in Southern California. Kurt has assembled a team of very successful home inspectors to offer luxury home buyers the best inspection they can find. - July 29, 2019

Giclee Prints of Artist Rosemarie Hahn's Famous "Library" Oil Painting Now Available

Full size Giclee prints are now available on archival canvas in the original size of 28 inches wide by 35 inches high. - November 26, 2018

Thorwaldson Whole House Fans Announces Rooftop Fan for Mid Century Modern Homes

Homes by Eichler, Flat Roof Smith, Cliff May and others are beautifully simple structures with floor to ceiling windows and open beam ceilings. They have no attic so, until now, owners have not been able to install whole house fans that cool homes fast at nearly no power cost compared to air conditioning. - June 27, 2018

Invisco Industrial Announces World's First 48 Inch Hybrid Rooftop Ventilator

In 2016 the Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA) created a new classification for rooftop ventilators - Hybrid Rooftop Ventilator. This was prompted by their recognition of the CSR Edmonds EcoPower EP900 as the first modern hybrid rooftop in history. Now Invisco Industrial has invented a higher performance hybrid by adding a powerful motor and blade. - June 11, 2018

Thorwaldson Whole House Fan Company Offers Highest Performance Rooftop Whole House Fan

Homeowners with no attics can now get a powerful 8000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) rooftop mounted whole house fan. The new Tornado ER-8000 will move all the air in a 2000 square foot home with 8 foot high ceilings in just 2 minutes. - February 22, 2018

Invisco Whole House Fan Company Announces Promotion Agreement with a Valuable Discount

Home buyers in Southern California can now get a valuable gift certificate for the new high performance Invisco Tornado ES-6400 whole house fan. - August 21, 2017

Invisco Tornado Whole House Fan Offers Highest Performance, Lowest Price

Kurt Shafer, Founder of Invisco, invented a way to get 6,320 CFM at 505 watts from a 19.5 inch 8 blade fan in a 20 inch diameter throat. - May 24, 2017

Invisco Whole House Fan Company Announces a Wireless Speed Control for Infinitely Variable Speed EC Motors

Invisco is the only whole house fan supplier to offer infinitely variable speed fans. Now there is a wireless control for them that includes an on/off switch with memory for the last speed that was set. - March 21, 2017

Invisco Rooftop Whole House Fan Now Pulls 8000 CFM at 505 Watts

Homeowners with no attics have not been able to get a good whole house fan until now. Invisco combined the high performance of the Invisco Tornado rooftop turbine gravity ventilator with the best US Motors EC motor and the best high flow Multi-Wing blade to achieve air flow never seen before in a 20 inch diameter throat. - March 18, 2017

Invisco Selected by IdeaBuyer for Investment in Tornado Rooftop Whole House Fan has become the world's largest marketplace for patents and has processed billions of dollars in patent sales. It is also an investor in patents and a marketing company connected with major retailers all over the United States. Their investing decision makers selected the Invisco Tornado Rooftop Whole House Fan to receive almost $20,000 worth of services to take the invention to their market. - January 17, 2017

World's First High Performance Hybrid Rooftop Ventilator Offers Free Gravity Air Flow Plus 6,320 CFM or More When Powered

Invisco Hybrid Turbine Rooftop Ventilator is the first hybrid rooftop to be built in the United States. Like the CSR Edmonds ecoPOWER, it is available in sizes up to a 36 inch throat. But unlike the ecoPOWER, Invisco uses a powerful EC motor and an 8 bladed propeller to force 6,320 CFM up in just 20 inches of throat and at a record low 505 watts. Throat sizes up to 36 inches are available with higher CFM. - November 23, 2016

Highest Performance Rooftop Motorized Ventilator 4.730 CFM at 370 Watts

Invisco Fan Company has just announced the highest performance motorized rooftop ventilator in US history. Based on the patent pending Invisco Tornado gravity rooftop ventilator, the first model offers unprecedented air flow and low input power. - November 01, 2016

Invisco Announces High Performance Rooftop Whole House Fan

At 4,730 CFM and 370 watts, this whole house fan breaks all records. It is made possible by using the new Invisco Tornado rooftop turbine ventilator - a new version of the proven CSR Edmonds Hurricane. - October 07, 2016

Invisco Announces Tornado Rooftop Turbine Ventilators

CSR Edmonds in Australia has been making their high performance Hurricane turbine rooftop ventilators since about 2005. Invisco has designed the new Tornado turbine ventilator for the United States market. - August 24, 2016

Invisco Whole House Fan Company Announces Affiliate Program

In a move that appears to be a first in this market, Invisco has started an affiliate marketing program that enables customers to get a rebate on the purchase of either the Invisco rafter mounted ES4700 or the new rooftop ER4700. In addition, anyone can sign on as an affiliate and inform friends and family and when a fan is purchased they get a commission on the purchase. - August 24, 2016

Invisco Offers Installation with Each Whole House Fan Purchase

Invisco Whole House Fan Company now includes installation in every city in the United States. - June 28, 2016

Invisco Announces the SmartStop Whole House Fan Thermostat

Home thermostats are not designed for whole house fans. They turn fans on or off based on temperature. Whole house fans demand special thermostats that only turn them off. - June 02, 2016

Invisco Announces SmartSpeed(tm) Thermostat for Whole House Fans

SmartSpeed(tm) automatically starts Invisco whole house fans at high speed when the temperature is over 80 degrees then as the temperature falls the speed and power are reduced until the fan is turned off at your preset low level. - May 30, 2016

Invisco Whole House Fan Company Announces World's First Automatic Speed Control Offering Highest Efficiency to Date

In the history of whole house fans there were just 2 speed systems until about the year 2000. Since then several whole house fan companies have introduced more and more speeds. Invisco sets a new record for number of speeds with the first infinite speed motors and a fully automatic speed control. - June 09, 2013

Invisco Whole House Fan Company Announces the World's First Infinitely Variable Speed Fans for 110 VAC with Performance Up to 16,000 CFM

Now you can have any whole house fan air flow you want from nearly zero up to full rated CFM. Invisco whole house fan systems are smart - they sense the temperature and start rotating at the temperature you choose - typically 75 degrees - and will accelerate up to full speed at any higher temperature you select - 85 degrees, for example. - February 27, 2013

Invisco Announces a Post Office Box Letter Sensor to Alert Owners That Mail Has Arrived

Invisco has developed a thin sensing system designed to fit on the bottom of a standard post office box compartment and sense when a letter is inserted. Upon sensing the letter, it is designed to alert the PO Box owner that there is new mail in the box. - May 15, 2012

Mount Your Triangle Engineering Whole House Fan in Your Attic

Invisco Whole House Fan Company has announced a new kit to help homeowners easily install any of the Triangle Engineering whole house fans up in their attic. The kit can be installed by the homeowner or by a handyman. - May 15, 2012

Mount Your Home Depot Whole House Fan in Your Attic

Invisco has announced a new kit to allow homeowners to easily install the Home Depot whole house fans up in their attic to make it nearly impossible to hear and totally impossible to see. This kit also comes with 2 ceiling interface kits and 25 feet of duct to pull air from two rooms or one room and a hallway. - May 15, 2012

Invisco Whole House Fan Company Submits 5 Models to California's Energy Commission

Invisco has obtained third party certification on 5 whole house fan models and the certified data is on its way to the state of California. The models certified include some record breaking designs. Invisco offers larger fans than have been seen before for attic mounting and quiet cool operation. Invisco fans are so large that they cannot be used without multiple ceiling openings. - March 27, 2012

Invisco Announces Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Retrofit for QuietCool Whole House Fans

HERS testing on homes requires that the house be sealed up and pressurized or depressurized by a fan embedded in a temporary panel placed in the front door frame. Some homes fail this test if the home has a QuietCool whole house fan system in the attic and the HERS test is made by pressure in the house instead of vacuum. Invisco offers a motorized damper that mounts right at the ceiling to eliminate leaks up through the QuietCool gravity damper system. - March 10, 2012

Invisco Selects KPK for HVI-916 Testing for the State of California

Invisco Whole House Fan Co. has selected KPK to perform the detailed testing required by the State of California's Energy Commission. The tests involve test equipment designed to meet the Home Ventilation Institute's HVI-916 specification. - February 04, 2012

2012IECC R49 Requirement Met with Invisco Ceiling and Attic Duct Connector

2012IECC has raised the bar for attic insulation. Now zones 4,5,6, and 7 all require R49 insulation in new homes. Invisco has the first solution ever offered for hvac duct and whole house fan ducts in homes with freezing temperatures in the winter. - February 04, 2012

Invisco Whole House Fan Company Announces 760 mm (30 inch) 13,600 CMH (8000 CFM) Product for Australia and New Zealand

Invisco, the leading supplier of whole house fans for the US, is introducing the most powerful 760 mm fan yet offered for Australia and New Zealand. At 13,600 cubic meters per hour (CMH) this fan moves more air with a smaller hole in the ceiling than any other yet available. Invisco has achieved this operating breakthrough by using advanced design and test techniques. - October 21, 2011

Invisco Whole House Fans Announced for Australia, New Zealand

Invisco announces a broad range of whole house fans to help homeowners in Australia and New Zealand save $100s of dollars every year to cool their homes. Whole house fans are systems that mount in the attic and pull hot air up and out of your home and cooler air in your windows. Now you no longer need to run air conditioning all the time. - October 15, 2011

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