Remedy: The Card Game Launched on Kickstarter

Funny illness-themed card game makes its debut on popular crowdfunding platform

Temecula, CA, October 07, 2016 --( Brand new design studio, Sheep Tree Studios, is pleased to announce the launch of their first Kickstarter campaign, Remedy: The Card Game, featuring silly graphics, humorous characters, and easy-to-learn rules that makes it fun to play in any social setting.

“We believe that Remedy is a truly fun game to play and it's simple enough for anyone to learn,” says Rena Lawhead, Designer of Remedy: The Card Game. “This Kickstarter campaign, to raise $5,000, will make it possible for us to produce the minimum quantity through our planned manufacturer so that it may appear in game collections and be enjoyed during parties or other social events.”

Remedy mixes simple math with silly characters to create a fun narrative between players. All of the play tests done for this game produced a room full of chuckles, giggles and outright laughter at times. The Kickstarter campaign features the game at $10 with backers due to receive the game in June 2017.

About the game:
Remedy is playable for 2 to 5 players. At the start of the game, 2 decks, a white deck that contains only illness cards and a green deck that contains everything else, is separated and an illness card is revealed from the white deck.

The goal is to bring the illness's number to zero before all other players. Cards that decrease the number, increase the number or change the game flow can be used according to the situation to keep other players from winning and claim victory for yourself.

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