GSGN’s School Lists Skyrocket, Organizing Nigerian Education

With Nigeria’s dramatic spike in population many schools are becoming overburdened and making a move to Nigeria more intimidating than ever. Good Schools Guide Nigeria is here to help.

Lagos, Nigeria, October 11, 2016 --( With children under the age of fifteen making up nearly half of the Nigerian population,(1) schools are clearly hard pressed to allocate appropriate resources. As a result Nigeria’s adult literacy rate has fallen to just over fifty percent(2). In turn anyone who has been relocated to Nigeria or currently resides in Nigeria is fully justified if agitated about the education of their children. After all, what any good parent wants is to give their children a quality education, securing success as an option.

To help in this effort is Good Schools Guide Nigeria (GSGN), an organization dedicated to helping families find the educational resources they need. GSGN has just faced a massive uptick in schools registration on their site and now reviews hundreds of schools a day, making school data easily accessible. This luxury is very important, as parents need to be able to make informed decisions, as many schools in Nigeria might unable to host their own websites. This need was one of the core reasons for the creation of GSGN, to provide parents a comprehensive center for easy school comparison.

About Good Schools Guide Nigeria
Good Schools Guide Nigeria is an organization dedicated to making high-quality education accessible for anyone in Nigeria. With over fifty thousand schools and counting indexed, any user is sure to find a near perfect match for their child. Aside from a refined school search Good Schools Guide Nigeria provides a variety of tailored services. Every client is treated as an individual and will receive results customized to their unique situation. These services include everything from a specific Lagos Service to a more general Public School Service, ensuring every family has an option fit for them available.

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