American Law Society (Official Home of America's Top Lawyers) Launches New Innovative Platform for the Modern Lawyer

Vetted lawyers have begun showcasing accomplishments, sourcing experts, and accessing litigation capital on American Law Society's new platform. This platform has effectively proven to improve legal practice in a rapidly changing digital environment.

New York, NY, October 14, 2016 --( The legal profession is undergoing a technology revolution. According to American Law Society’s CEO, Jeffrey Finder “Algorithms are taking place of the legal mind, however, some organizations are harnessing the power of technology and maximizing it alongside human collaboration to improve practice.”

Enter the American Law Society, an association of vetted attorneys working together to improve the legal profession, as well as their respective practices.

American Law Society - Recognition:

While most attorney databases rely on the "crowd" to source information on attorneys and post reviews, the American Law Society provides its members a customizable professional webpage. American Law Society members can highlight professional accomplishments, build an online presence, and establish a personal brand. American Law Society does not altogether ignore the opinions of non-lawyers. In fact, the general public is encouraged to make recommendations for attorneys to be recognized and to receive one of American Law Society’s prestigious awards or distinctions.

American Law Society's '2016 Moral Fiber Award' for New York, was given to Edward R. Palermo:

American Law Society - Experts on Demand:

Using its proprietary platform, American Law Society helps attorneys locate experts from many different fields, from jury selection to behavioral psychology. This service, known as “Experts on Demand” has a number of different service levels, including a white glove service that pairs expert consultants with attorneys in need. American Law Society makes this process seamless by coupling technology with a human touch.

With numerous services exclusively for members, American Law Society is not only changing how attorney associations work, but changing how they should function altogether.
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