Laurence I. Balter Introduces Flight Training Program for Visiting Tourists to Maui

The Zero to Solo flight training program involves taking zero experience candidates all the way to their first solo flight in a Cirrus SR22. Laurence I. Balter, of Kihei, HI is the Chief Flight Instructor of Maui Flight Academy and has introduced this new program to offer an alternative to professionals who have busy schedules back on the mainland.

Kihei, HI, October 14, 2016 --( "For busy professionals that come to vacation on Maui, this is the perfect solution to knock out the most important and primary part of a pilots training," says Laurence Balter, Chief Instructor at Maui Flight Academy.

Many successful professionals fail to complete their solo flight training due to distractions that take place on a normal basis on the mainland. "Clients come here to focus on their flying, up to 3 sorties a day and knock out their solo flight in a week," claims Balter.

The program is focused and intense, but very rewarding. "We don't accept everyone in the program, because we look for certain attributes that we feel confident they will be a success," Balter went on to say.

Clients have a lot of homework to do at home prior to arriving in Maui, where the superior crosswind training prepares them for flying at virtually any airport in the world. "With the winds and shorter runways, the pilots flying in Maui are sharper and easily gain confidence flying in winds gusting to 30 knots," says Balter.

Pilots and non pilots interested in flying in Maui, contact Maui Flight Academy today.
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