A Jersey City Online Business Reinvents Itself

New ways are sometimes old ways in driving business from to an online company.

Jersey City, NJ, October 19, 2016 --(PR.com)-- What do you do when your online business starts to slowly decline? Some companies close, others merge and yet many tread water hoping to rebound by a change in market conditions.

But there is another option… change the way you do business!

Jersey City based magnets.com has been an online source for custom magnets and stickers for over 20 years. Business relied heavily on web based marketing including ad words, social media, PPC, SEO and other tried and true methods of driving business to their website. However, things began to change around 2010. Unlike the print world, Internet ads lose value over time. As Technology Review's Michael Wolff bluntly put it: "The nature of people's behavior on the Web and of how they interact with advertising, as well as the character of those ads themselves and their inability to command attention, has meant a marked change in advertising's impact," he writes. Additionally, increased competition for the same piece of pie has led to product discounts and incentives such as free shipping. This further eroded profits. So what was the solution?

Erwin Metius, CEO of magnets.com decided to go old school. “Our company has always differentiated itself from the competition because you can actually call us and get a real live person in our facility to answer questions and walk you through the order process,” Mr. Metius noted. “Since many of our customers are starting or expanding their company, promoting their child’s school and sports team or marketing an organization event, this communication is vital and increases reorders through customer loyalty.” Fortunately, magnets.com already had a strong customer service and production team in place.

This idea of expanding real person to person interaction in a web- based company was the key! So the decision was made to find a marketing manager that had web savvy, but more importantly knew how to develop business by networking and traditional business relationship building. Communication done in a frank, honest and professional manner was vital.

Enter Joe Hely, a 35 year marketing professional with a graphics background and skills developed in the establishing of relationships and developing these relationships into customers. “Listening is the most important thing,” remarked Mr. Hely. Many people forget that the idea is to discover opportunities by engaging in a conversation so that barriers come down and genuine information is shared. Just as important is the confidence to ask for the business. “I’ve seen great business opportunities and partnerships never develop because no one takes the conversation to the next step. Business has to be asked for!” he stated.

Although it is early in the transition process, there is a clear direction and goal. Also a priority for Mr. Hely is the building of a marketing calendar that identifies new business and plans the sales cycle to reach each market for maximum effect. Other plans include a website redesign and expanding the product line. As these initiatives expand it is obvious that by adding traditional relationship building, magnets.com is already “attracting” new sales and new customers.

About Us
Magnets.com is a 2nd generation family owned and operated business based in Jersey City, NJ. Since 1997 they have been recognized as a leading designer, printer, and manufacturer of high quality, low cost, custom and promotional magnets and stickers.
Joe Hely