Eurotech Collaborates with Red Hat on the First Code Contribution of Eclipse Kapua

Amaro, Italy, October 21, 2016 --( Eurotech (ETH:IM), a leading provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, today announced the availability of the first code contribution for Eclipse Kapua, in collaboration with Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source solutions. This open source project offers IoT developers and end users an open platform for end-to-end IoT implementations, helping them to avoid more costly, proprietary lock-in and accelerate community-driven collaboration.

Eclipse Kapua is a modular platform providing the services required to manage IoT gateways and smart edge devices. Kapua provides a core integration framework and an initial set of services for device registry, device management, message routing, data management and application enablement.

By bridging operation technology with information technology, Eclipse Kapua acts as an IoT Integration Platform helping to address the main aspects of managing an IoT infrastructure including connectivity, configuration, and embedded application life cycle. The platform also allows to aggregate real-time data streams from the edge, archive them, or route them towards enterprise IT systems and applications.

When combined with Eclipse Kura, a popular Java/OSGi-based IoT gateway middleware, Kapua offers a solid integrated IoT foundation and a true open source end-to-end solution for IoT applications from the edge gateway to the world of IT.

“Eurotech has a long history of contributing to open source communities and industry standards as recently attested by the Eurotech initiated Eclipse Kura project and its adoption,” stated Giuseppe Surace, Eurotech Group CPO. “Following that path, we decided to open source our IoT Integration Platform in the Eclipse Kapua project and we are now pleased to make the first code contribution available to the community. Eurotech will continue to collaborate with leaders like Red Hat to further grow the Eclipse IoT community and ecosystem.”

"This commitment by Eurotech aligns with our mutual goal of creating an open source community approach to IoT innovation and bringing joint solutions to market that are open, scalable, more secure, and flexible,” said Chris Gray, director, Global Partner Alliances, Internet of Things, Red Hat. “Red Hat looks forward to collaborating with Eurotech on projects that enhance this open platform for IoT."

Eurotech offers Everyware Cloud and Everyware Software Framework, ready to use, commercially supported IoT building blocks based respectively on the open source Eclipse Kapua and Eclipse Kura projects. Eurotech IoT offering is also complemented by a rich portfolio of IoT gateways certified for different verticals and industries and professional services to guide the design and successful implementation of IoT solutions.

With regards to the Eclipse Kapua project, interested parties should visit the project web site at

As recently announced by the Eclipse Foundation, the Eclipse Kapua project is an important step towards an ecosystem of organizations collaborating on IoT core components that work well together and that can be used to bootstrap your IoT applications and solutions. In the future, it is expected that other Eclipse IoT projects, open source projects and commercial vendors will provide additional services that integrate with Eclipse Kapua.

More information about the Eclipse IoT community is available at

Eurotech (ETH:IM) is a global company that designs, creates and delivers full Internet of Things solutions, including services, software and hardware to leading systems integrators and enterprises large and small. With Eurotech solutions in place, clients have access to the latest open source and standardized software stacks, flexible and rugged multi-service gateways and sophisticated sensors to bring actionable data from the field into business operations. Working with world-class ecosystem partners, Eurotech delivers on the promise of the Internet of Things either from end to end, or with best in class building blocks, including device and data management, connectivity and communication platform, intelligent edge devices and smart objects following business models that fit today’s business world. Learn more about Eurotech at

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Allison Yrungaray