Dog Ear Publishing Author Stretches Books on Literacy Into Tutoring Center

Elementary educator achieves her latest goal and opens center to help children learn to read. She credits staff at Dog Ear Publishing for guiding her to that fateful decision.

Cleveland, OH, October 21, 2016 --( Intervention specialist and teacher Amanda McNamara Lowe has wanted to improve literacy for children since she began teaching at the age of 22. Publishing two books about teaching literacy through Dog Ear Publishing became the first step to a dream she never knew she had – starting her own business to help children learn to read.

Lowe wrote “Teach Your Child To Read in Less than 10 Minutes a Day! Stretch & Catch Words” followed by “Everyday Intervention for Phonemic Awareness,” both released by Dog Ear Publishing and inspired by her work in a special education classroom teaching children with very low IQs how to read. “I remember back then saying to my principal ‘I wish I could write a textbook on this – there’s something to this’,” Lowe said.

She taught other places and then had her own children and wanted to help them learn to read early with a simple method. Lowe came up with the idea for her “stretch and catch” technique walking on the beach and thinking about stretching words and catching them, looking at patterns in a developmentally appropriate way for children and combining that with high-frequency words. Her first book was an attempt to teach parents a simplistic way so they and their children could understand and do in a few minutes each day, such as on the way to or from preschool. The second book was a guide for teachers to teach student to read at an instructional level with everything planned – a supplement to school-provided reading plans.

Lowe said she wrote the books quickly and once they were published she wondered about how to share them with the world to help struggling readers. She said the staff at Dog Ear helped her think through what she might do besides writing. “They are the ones who guided me into these ideas,” she said. “I hadn’t really thought about it at all.”

Dog Ear co-founder and partner Ray Robinson said providing authors with a technical resource that can help them build their platform and create awareness for their book is one function of a self-publishing company.

“Authors come to us already experts in a particular area. Amanda is an excellent example of Dog Ear working with an author to draw out ideas and opportunities from the author’s own skill set, helping them look at their book and their talents in a slightly different light,” he said.

“We can’t help an author build expertise – but we can help them realize what expertise they do already possess and how they can use their book and their author platform to capitalize and monetize that expertise. We can do this because of our years of experience in working with authors of all types. Our editorial team can bring an author’s expertise forward in their writing, showcasing their talents and abilities by massaging the words they have put on paper and helping them put their best foot forward.”

Those ideas led to Lowe approaching Cleveland public schools and one administrator who agreed to let her teach a workshop geared toward third-graders if she would do it for free. She spent six weeks on a summer program she called Leap Week aimed at moving students up three levels in five days. She worked with students in kindergarten through fourth grade and their parents. The interactive program was a success. “Kids were sad when it ended,” she said. “Every student who showed up raised their spelling score at least one level or more in six weeks. It proves that the program can work and I can teach a lot of people at one time.”

The next step was to get paid for her efforts and to show her methods work. “To be able to sell the program, I needed stats to prove it work,” she said. “That’s why I knew I needed to do my own center,” Lowe said. “One day I told my husband I should open my own business. That week I called around and got an office space.” Although she didn’t have a single client, that soon changed and she’s now got 12 clients and some students who have completed the program. Her website is

Lowe has an opportunity to work with the state of Ohio and has spoken to representatives about doing professional development with her books, so she’ll be going to Columbus and talking with the Department of Education. In addition, her books were mentioned in the back-to-school edition of “Educational Dealer Magazine,” which school districts receive.

Lowe said her experience with Dog Ear shows the importance of doing something you love and having experienced professionals, like managing editor Stephanie Seifert Stringham, to shepherd the project. “You can write, and as soon as you are done, you can edit it a hundred more times. Dog Ear put me in the best hands and put me with the best editor. Without Dog Ear guiding me like that, I couldn’t have written a book that is so perfect now. Stephanie is amazing, and Dog Ear gave her to me,” she said.

Lowe also appreciated the freedom the publishing company gives its authors. “It was amazing working with Ray Robinson. He knows what he’s doing about business,” she said. “He is passionate and wants all of his writers to be successful.”

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