Stop the B2B Sales & Marketing Grind Motivate Enterprise Customers to Act with Charitable Donations via ConnectGood

Toronto, Canada, October 26, 2016 --( ConnectGood announced today that it is live and generally available.

ConnectGood sends charitable donations to enterprise customers as incentives and rewards. The technology is a SaaS platform.

Bryan Socransky founded ConnectGood in 2015 in Toronto, Canada.

B2B sales and marketing is hard. On average it takes 7.5 hours to get 1 appointment via cold calling. Average click through rates for email marketing are below 3%. This is for people who have subscribed to an email list! 97% of recipients don’t bother reading or clicking through on emails. It’s a constant grind to get the attention of prospects and customers.

“We aim to make B2B sales and marketing less of a grind,” says CEO and Founder of ConnectGood, Bryan Socransky. “You need to provide incentives and rewards to motivate customers to act if you want to improve outcomes.”

Sales and Marketing teams use ConnectGood to improve customer retention and increase positive reviews. Other uses include increasing customer referrals, showing customer appreciation and breaking the ice with new prospects.

ConnectGood uses charitable donations to motivate customers. Unlike traditional incentives and rewards such as gift cards or promotional items.

ConnectGood empowers users to choose the amount to donate and personalizes a message. The recipient gets to choose their favorite charity or cause. Users and recipients feel good about their benevolent deed.

The social good aspect of the platform is based on real world results and a study conducted by ConnectGood. The majority of customers offered a $25 gift card vs. $25 charitable donation chose the charitable donation driving a higher conversion rate.

A limited early adopter program recently concluded and now the platform is generally available.

About ConnectGood Inc. - ConnectGood is a SaaS platform. Used by sales and marketing teams to motivate customers and prospects to act (eg. register for event, complete survey, book appointment etc.) The platform sends charitable donations as incentives and rewards. Use ConnectGood to improve customer retention. Show customer appreciation or improve outcomes of sales and marketing activities. The automated platform includes tax receipting and credit card processing. The user chooses the amount to donate for each recipient and personalizes the message. The recipient gets to choose their favorite cause or charity. Everyone feels good using and receiving a ConnectGood!

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