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Wonderkul’s Happiness Hack #106 – Reduce Stress by Minimizing Clutter - Get Organized with Nepal Hand-Crafted Cotton Pouches; Wonderkul announced today that inventory of its Nepal crafted cotton pouches has been replenished just in time for the holidays. With the holidays around the corner, these unique coin purses make great gifts or gift-wrapping. Sold in sets of three, these 4 x 5 inch pouches provide lots of options for getting organized.

Austin, TX, October 28, 2016 --( More and more research shows that clutter can create stress & stress creates clutter. It can easily become a vicious cycle. As the clutter grows, stress intensifies. As stress intensifies more clutter invades. They feed off of each other and it can feel out of control. A simple, yet effective way to start to get organized is using these multipurpose cotton pouches to organize the personal & portable spaces around you. They can be used in purses, backpacks, in your desk or at home – wherever a little more organization is needed.

Many psychologists suggest that doing a little bit at a time to de-clutter is the best way to tackle a seemingly insurmountable task. A commitment to organizing one small area per week is a good way to get started. Small steps will quickly add up to big strides. Achieving a small weekly goal to get organized will bring joy and a sense of relief as order is brought to a personal space.

A Wonderkul spokesperson was quoted saying “We continue to read articles and findings that note an organized personal space helps reduce stress and anxiety. And we have a simple and effective solution. Don’t sweat the small stuff, organize it—with these cotton zippered pouches: They’ll add a little color to your life and help keep your purse, pocketbook, or bag from being a tangled mess of cords, keys and cards.”

People can focus their energy on more important things instead of frantically digging for their essential small accessories - mobile plugs and cords, change, keys, cards and id, lip stick, makeup, gum, school supplies, etc. These unique, hand crafted, cotton zippered pouches will keep small items safely stowed and sanity in check.
With the holidays around the corner, these unique coin purses make great gifts or gift wrapping.

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Kay Janes