Winters 3A Approved Food, Beverage & Dairy Sanitary Gauge

Buffalo, NY, January 28, 2008 --( Winters Instruments is now offering a new 3A Approved Sanitary Gauge for the Food, Beverage & Dairy Industries. These gauges come standard with an externally-adjustable micrometer pointer and less than 0.16% per 10°F (-12°C) temperature effect. Unlike competing products, Winters’ 3A Approved Sanitary Gauges have +/-0.75% full scale accuracy.

Other features of this gauge include a 50% over-range capability, 0°F to 250°F (-18°C to 121°C) process temperature limit, 40°F to 140°F (4°C to 60°C) ambient temperature limit, 3/16” Polycarbonate lens, and several fill fluid options.

Winters Instruments is a manufacturer of pressure and temperature instrumentation, with global distribution in over 80 countries. Go to to view their extensive list of products and distributors, or call 1-800-WINTERS for further information.

Contact Information: Winters Instruments, 600 Ensminger Road, Buffalo, NY 14150, USA, 1-800-WINTERS /

Winters Instruments
Desmond Khor