Colorado Soccer Club Encourages Haitian Youth with Jersey Donation

Trebol works with St. Luke Foundation for Haiti to bolster the spirit of sport in midst of tragedy.

Lafayette, CO, November 02, 2016 --( The way children cherish a sports uniform is poignant. When youth players are given new jerseys, sometimes they are worn for days on end. And sometimes, it may be the only piece of clothing they own.

A devastating magnitude 7.0 earthquake in January, 2010, left the proud Haitian people reeling. One-third of the country’s population—over three million people—were affected by the quake and most have yet to recover fully. Recently, Hurricane Matthew drove the western areas of Haiti to a dreadfully familiar state of calamity.

Wynn Walent, assistant national director for St. Luke Foundation of Haiti, has labored with the rebuilding efforts for over six years and frequently travels there. “It’s an amazing place full of extraordinary people. I’m grateful for the chance to be involved there.” As a Lafayette resident, Walent welcomed the donation of over 200 uniforms from Trebol, a youth soccer club rooted in the local community for the past 20 years.

“The St. Luke Foundation runs two hospitals, three women’s health centers, 32 schools, job creation programs, housing and clean water. It’s transformational work.” In addition, the donation of soccer uniforms to the youth of the impoverished country is impactful. “Trebol has been such a good thing both for St. Luke and for my family.” Several years ago, Walent adopted two boys from Haiti; now teenagers, they both play for Trebol and continue to acclimate well to their new home.

A formal partnership between Trebol and one or more of the Haitian youth clubs is underway. Ivan Jackson, Trebol executive director, says, “Soccer is a universal language. Unfortunately, their desire to play is overshadowed by the lack of infrastructure and organization. We are more than happy to help and will continue to do so.”
Trebol Soccer Club
Ivan Jackson