NADCAP Accreditation Renewed for Laboratory Testing Inc. Materials Testing Services

Laboratory Testing Inc. has been reapproved for NADCAP Accreditation of materials testing services for an additional 18 months. The Lab has maintained this accreditation since 1994.

Philadelphia, PA, November 05, 2016 --( NADCAP Accreditation for the Materials Testing services performed by Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) has been reapproved by the Performance Review Institute (PRI). The accreditation was extended for another 18 months, through April 30, 2018, following a successful audit performed by PRI. Laboratory Testing Inc. has been continuously NADCAP accredited for Materials Testing since the Lab was first awarded a certificate in 1994. This accreditation covers the laboratory’s wide-scope of “destructive” materials testing services that are required by the aerospace and defense industries to support material development, material selection and manufacturing, including:

· Chemical Analysis, including elemental analysis, spectroscopy and wet chemistry
· Mechanical Testing, including hardness, tensile, impact, stress rupture, creep, high-cycle fatigue, fracture toughness, fatigue crack growth, compression and bend testing
· Metallography
· Microhardness Testing
· Corrosion Testing
· Specimen Heat Treating
· Specimen Machining
· Evaluation of Welds

Laboratory Testing Inc. also provides nondestructive testing services for businesses in the aerospace and defense industries that are performed on materials and products which cannot be damaged by the test process. LTI has maintained NADCAP accreditation in Nondestructive Testing since 1992, with the current certificates valid through July 31, 2018. The accredited testing services covered by this certificate are Magnetic Particle Inspection, Liquid Penetrant Testing and Ultrasonic Testing.

“Our Lab provides a wide variety of testing services to customers who produce or distribute raw materials, aircraft parts and finished aircraft. With over 30 years of experience, we have gained a tremendous amount of technical expertise and knowhow. The industry has stringent requirements, including the need for material and product testing to defined standards and specifications. That’s were LTI comes in; we have the services and quality system in place to meet these needs,” said Ed Deeny, LTI Quality Assurance Manager.

NADCAP is the Performance Review Institute’s industry-managed accreditation program for aerospace engineering, defense and related industries. Technical experts from prime contractors, suppliers and the government work together to establish requirements for approval of suppliers based on SAE Aerospace Standards. PRI schedules supplier audits and assigns approved auditors to conduct the audits. Accreditation is awarded based on successfully meeting all requirements. Copies of Laboratory Testing Inc. NADCAP certificates are available on the Lab’s website at

About Laboratory Testing Inc. -- Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) of Hatfield, PA is a family-owned independent testing and metrology laboratory in business since 1984. The laboratory offers materials testing and analysis services including mechanical, chemical, metallurgical and corrosion testing, as well as nondestructive testing, root cause failure analysis, calibration services, dimensional inspection and test specimen machining. All test and inspection results are provided in certified reports. The laboratory specializes in metal and polymer testing, but also analyzes powdered metals, ores, ferroalloys, composites and ceramics. LTI is accredited by the PRI Nadcap program in materials and nondestructive testing and by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025 for mechanical, metallurgical and chemical testing, dimensional inspection and calibration services. LTI Metrology, a division of Laboratory Testing Inc., provides dimensional inspection services and NIST-traceable calibration services for measuring hand tools, masters and a wide-range of measuring instruments and equipment. On-site calibration, repairs, new instruments and replacement parts are offered. Information on Laboratory Testing services and accreditations is available at, and 800-219-9095.
Laboratory Testing Inc.
Sharon Bentzley