Sunbelt Business Advisors - Southeast Michigan
Sunbelt Business Advisors - Southeast Michigan

2006 Small Business Seminar Series: Buying, Selling and Valuation

Greater Michigan program offers free seminar covering methodologies to first timers.

Southfield, MI, February 20, 2006 --( The American public is well aware that these are hard times for anyone whose job has been downsized.  There must be another option for educated, experienced, unemployed and underemployed Americans to make a living.   

“Instead of competing in the bleak job market, Sunbelt believes you are better off buying your own business and creating your own job security.  Usually, buying an existing business or franchise with a proven track record of success, trained employees and an existing customer base is much safer than starting a business from scratch,” says Sunbelt President and Founder Ed Pendarvis.

Once you have acquired a business, you then have a job for life and something to sell when its time for you to retire.  In this day and age, Sunbelt suggests working for the man or the woman in the mirror, as they truly have your best interests at heart and won’t lay you off mid-career.

Sunbelt Business Advisors is the largest business brokerage network in the world, assisting people with acquiring the American Dream and we will show you how.  Sunbelt will host a FREE 2006 Seminar Series “How to Buy, Sell or Value a Business” in participating Sunbelt locations nationwide.

Sunbelt will cover the basics a first time buyer should know and tips for those thinking of selling or just valuing the business they already own.  See how small business can work for you.

Participants will receive an outline of the seminar specifics including; valuation methodology, a professional presentation on legal, accounting, and financing issues (guest speakers from certified financial planners, accountants, estate planners, attorneys and co-sponsors will vary by location), questions and answers on "How To" buy, sell, or value a business and a new book on business ownership, Buying A Business to Secure Your Financial Freedom (published by McGraw Hill), by Ed Pendarvis, founder of Sunbelt. 

For details, locations and to register for the seminar series in your area, please register via email to: 

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