Sunbelt Business Advisors - Southeast Michigan

Sunbelt Business Advisors - Southeast Michigan
Sunbelt Business Advisors - Southeast Michigan

We are the Southeast Michigan franchise of Sunbelt Business Advisors Network, the largest business brokerage firm in the world, making it the dominant force in the industry. 

Since 1978, the company has evolved into a business brokerage network encompassing hundreds offices throughout the United States, and foreign market locations. The SUNBELT Network now handles the sale of more than 5000 businesses each year.

SUNBELT Business Advisors represents the largest business brokerage firm with more than 1300 brokers to serve our national and international clientele. We have the professional experience, expertise, and global representation to handle all of your business acquisition needs.

At SUNBELT Business Advisors, we have turned a confusing and complex buying experience into a process that transforms a fragmented art form into a science. Our seasoned group of business brokerage professionals is dedicated to providing you with superior service throughout the entire buying cycle. SUNBELT's in-house process makes the transition from buyer to owner smooth and uncomplicated.

Ready to Sell Your Business? 

Deciding to sell your business is the easy part. How to go about selling it is another problem altogether. SUNBELT has been in the business of selling businesses for over 25 years.

SUNBELT Brokers are well-trained professionals who are aware of your needs. In fact, many of our brokers have experience as business owners. If you use a SUNBELT Advisor, you can expect:

» Knowledge & Experience
» Confidentiality
» Marketing Expertise

Are You Ready to BUY a business? 

Buying a business is a major decision. It will affect you not only financially, but also, and probably more significantly, as a lifestyle choice.
How you live your life is shaped and influenced by how you earn your living. If you have decided that now is an opportune time to consider going into business for yourself, working with SUNBELT Business Advisors can provide the professional assistance necessary for a smooth and successful transaction.

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