A Unique New Way to Craft a Professional Espresso by Hand

The Flair Espresso Maker is half way to its $45,000 target on Kickstarter, and promises to make hand-crafting professional quality espresso at home a reality.

Laguna Niguel, CA, November 06, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The Flair Espresso Maker has raised nearly $20,000 on Kickstarter and is set to take on the established players in this market, thanks to a unique design and precision engineering.


The inventor, Sergio, is a mechanical engineer and coffee-lover based in California. He found himself longing for an alternative to expensive home machines, particularly as they rarely produced a good double shot of espresso.

The prototype he came up with – now six years old – has been refined until there was nothing left to take away. The result? An elegant and simplistic manual espresso maker, which contains only the essentials. The stainless steel and die cast aluminium materials make it extremely durable, but it disassembles easily for portability, storage and cleaning.

The best feature is a more effective brewing container. No other espresso maker gives you full access to the brewing head, letting you pre-heat the cylinder and maintain the right temperature to extract the espresso just the way you like it. There’s no plastic in the pressure chamber, which can make for inconsistent shots. Flair is made of solid die cast aluminum and stainless steel, so it should last for decades. All of this means users can create a consistent and professional quality espresso – rich and full-bodied, with plenty of crema.

Moreover, users of the Flair can "customise" their double shot, simply by experimenting with the beans, grind, tamp, water temperature and speed of extraction.

It has already been selected as one of Kickstarter’s "Projects we love," and comments have been extremely positive. One Superbacker commented, "I just pledged for Flair and I’m very excited to be among the first to get one. I really like the concept and perhaps more importantly it looks to be extremely well executed. A robust design plus quality materials equates to bullet proof. Compact storage and portability will make it useful in many different settings… On top of all that I appreciate it was done with style!"

The inventor, Sergio says, "I am an espresso drinker, and I made this to solve my own dilemma. With friends and family telling me how great it made the espresso taste, I had to try Kickstarter to see if we could share this with the world. I know coffee geeks and home baristas will love it, and it offers the best of all worlds: A professional espresso, not skimping on flavour or impact, completely as you like it, but from a simple product that can be taken with you wherever you go."

The Kickstarter campaign runs until November 24, and is currently offering "early birds" the chance to snap up the Flair Espresso Maker for just $100. As the planned retail price will be $159.99, this represents a fantastic saving.

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Kirsty Cooke
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