Eurotech Announces New Development Kit to Create IoT Applications from Field-to-Cloud in Minutes

Amaro, Italy, November 06, 2016 --( Eurotech, a leading provider of embedded systems, Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platforms and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, announces the EDCK 4001, a new Everyware Device Cloud Development Kit that bundles all the hardware and software needed to prototype, develop, test and integrate a complete IoT solution that bridges the gap between sensors, devices and the cloud.

The EDCK 4001 Development Kit provides an ideal, all-inclusive environment to software developers and operational engineers where they can model their use cases using all the key elements typical of an industrial IoT chain (Gateway, PLC, field devices, field protocols, cloud services). The kit includes a ReliaGATE 10-11, Eurotech’s IoT Gateway based on the Cortex-A8 processor family for industrial applications, and a PLC connected to a demo board fitted with digital and analog controls.

The ReliaGATE 10-11 provides an Oracle Java SE Embedded 8 Virtual Machine, and Eurotech’s IoT device middleware Everyware Software Framework (ESF). ESF builds on Eclipse Kura, the open source Java/OSGi application framework for IoT gateways. Distributed and supported by Eurotech, ESF adds advanced security, diagnostics, provisioning, remote access and full integration with Everyware Cloud (EC), Eurotech’s IoT Integration Platform.

With a complimentary trial license of EC, the user will have cloud-based access to the development kit, allowing for the monitoring and management of devices, and additional functions like data storage, analytics, and remote software deployments and updates.

The EDCK 4001 Development Kit also includes a professional Reactive Blocks™ trial license by Bitreactive. Reactive Blocks is a visual tool for developing gateway applications from pre-built components. Tutorials to help get started on the EDCK 4001 hardware are available with purchase of the kit.

The EDCK 4001 Development Kit is available for orders today.

About Eurotech

Eurotech (ETH:IM) is a global company that designs, creates and delivers full Internet of Things solutions, including services, software and hardware to leading systems integrators and enterprises large and small. With Eurotech’s solutions in place, clients have access to the latest open source and standardized software stacks, flexible and rugged multi-service gateways and sophisticated sensors to bring actionable data from the field into business operations. Working with world-class ecosystem partners, Eurotech delivers on the promise of the Internet of Things either from end to end, or with best in class building blocks, including device and data management, connectivity and communication platform, intelligent edge devices and smart objects following business models that fit today’s business world. Learn more about Eurotech at

About Bitreactive

Bitreactive is a spin off from Norway’s leading technical university, NTNU, that offers developers tooling and frameworks for building intelligent solutions on machines, devices, and gateways at the edge of the IoT network. Its visually-aided application development methodology allows abstraction from embedded micro-architectures or low level interfaces and communication protocols, enabling a broad community of developers to build edge intelligence solutions for the IoT. Bitreactive works with leading IoT companies around the world to make pluggable interfaces to their services accessible in Reactive Blocks. The toolkit is offered to both end user developers as well as OEMs or ISV’s looking to enable 3rd party developer communities for their IoT platforms.
Allison Yrungaray