Talent Development Program 6 2016 Improve Transafe Indonesia’s Employee Service to Customer

Employees in big corporations are called “Talent.” These Talents have to be improving to grow the company as well as so the customers feel the impact the customer experience within the company. Transafe Indonesia successfully conducts Sixth Talent Development Program that will increase their employee capability.

Jakarta, Indonesia, November 10, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Dony Budidharma, Director of Transafe Indonesia closes Transafe Indonesia’s Sixth internal training. This is the season six of People Development Program Transafe held. This year, the program changed to Talent Development Program. The theme for this event is: “We Are Amazing Team.”

The program was conducted from Oct 31st – Nov 4th 2016. The event took place in Transafe Indonesia’s head office and training centers.

This program is in cooperation with TransWISH Indonesia.

Participants are coming from Head Office Jakarta and Batam branch. The participants are Tehrizka Tambihan (Tere) from Marketing department; Vina Rieza, Business Development Supervisor; Qory Arin Rettasari, Finance department. From Operations Department, there are Adesukma Prabawathi, Bondan Haryono and Yoga Pratama, coming from Head Office Jakarta. Last but not least, Bernard’us Besta Heryoga from Operation department, Batam branch office.

Different from the last season, this season most of trainers come from leaders and graduates from previous season. Trainers participating in this program are Mr. Dony Budidharma, Transafe Dharma Persada Director; Mrs. Sri Astuti, Transafe Indonesia’s Marketing Manager; Mrs. Ryzka Carolina Nababan, Transafe Indonesia’s Batam Branch Manager; Mr. Undi Sutrisno, Transafe Indonesia Training Operation Leader and Senior Instructor; Mr. Luki Tantra, Senior Trainer from TransWISH Indonesia.

Trainers from Graduates are Mr. Pratama Jaya, with 5S/Basic HouseKeeping Topics; Mr. Fernando Hardih Airkaya Lumelle, with Basic Health and Safety Environment Awareness, Ms. Lasaila Arifiani with Excellent Customer Service Skill topic; Ms. Amalia Nur Azizah with Effective Administration Skill; Ms. Nurul Yusniawati with Personal Appearance topic.

Trainings conducted for this program are Champion Mentality, Amazing Communication skill, Basic Health Safety Environment (Basic HSE) Awareness, Excellent Customer Service skill, Effective Administration Skill, Attitude Risk Management, Time Management, Personal SWOT analysis, Practical 5W1H technique, Team work, Character Building and Mini team building.

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Best trainer for this season is Ms. Lasaila Arifiani. Best participant title named to Mr. Yoga Pratama.

Mr. Dony Budidharma stated that this season is different. There are more twist on every game and tasks. They also develop previous graduates by asking them to learn to be trainer.

Transafe is nominated two times this year for Best of The Best Company of the year and Best Service Company of the year titles. That’s why the company must improve itself to give their customer the best experience when engaged to both their brand: Transafe Indonesia and TransWISH Indonesia.

About Transafe Indonesia
Transafe Indonesia is a leading Health Safety Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Training and Consulting services in Indonesia. Transafe Indonesia held official Authorized Occupational Health and Safety Service Company (PJK3) from Indonesian Ministry of Manpower. Transafe also registered and held SKT MIGAS and SKT ESDM. It is also an authorized competence venue for Indonesian Professional Certification Authority (BNSP). (www.transafeindonesia.com)

About TransWISH Indonesia
TransWISH stands for Way to Integrate Human and System. It focused on People development program utilizing training & consulting services. Training provided including Training for Trainer Sertifikasi BNSP, Leadership, Managerial, Salesmanship and Team Building training. For more information visit www.transwishindonesiacom

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