How Personal Injury Attorneys Are Winning Larger Awards for Their Clients' Soft Tissue Spinal Injury Claims

Dr. Kevin Luck Documents and Supports Personal Injury Attorneys and Their Clients Soft Tissue Spinal Injuries Using the Science of the 3 Phase of Healing, Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis, and a Medical Team Approach

Denver, CO, November 09, 2016 --( Dr. Luck implements 3 major documentation procedures to document, measure and show patients attorneys, insurance companies and juries soft tissue spinal injuries.

The 3 major documentation procedures include the science of the 3 phases of healing, soft tissue spinal diagnostic testing called computerized radiographic mensuration analysis and a medical team approach.

The first documentation is the objective science of the 3 phases of healing as it relates to a patient's soft tissue spinal injury. The science of the three phases of healing is the irrefutable science of how soft tissue in the body is injured and heals wrong.

The second documentation Dr. Luck implements is the objective diagnostic testing procedure called computerized radiographic mensuration analysis or CRMA.

The CRMA analysis is highly specific for measuring aberrations in spinal movement. The use of CRMA is used to specifically pinpoint where and to what degree the spinal mobility has been altered.

The use of CRMA is diagnostic, therapeutic and shows area of impairment. The impairment ratings are based on the AMA Guides to Impairment.

Personal Injury Attorneys are winning larger awards because with the CRMA report insurance adjusters and juries can now see and understand soft tissue spinal injuries.

Alteration of spinal motion integrity is a vital human function and the beginning stages of spinal arthritis which often results in significant pain and dysfunction.

Dr. Luck uses the documentation of CRMA and the science of the 3 phases of healing to determine the proper therapeutic approach, measure the patient's response to treatment and identify when patients are maximum medical improvement or have a permanent injury.

The third major documentation procedure Dr. Luck employs is the use of a medical team in the diagnosis, treatment and documentation of soft tissue spinal injuries. The medical team includes orthopedists, neurologists and pain management specialists.
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