Retail Pro Experts Host Webinar to Discuss Principles for Retailers to Maximize Profits in 2008

Retail Pro Experts from One Step Retail Solutions™ present Webinar “How Retailers Can Maximize Profits in the New Year” using point of sale retail technology.

Los Angeles, CA, January 27, 2008 --( In a rare webinar event, “How Retailers Can Maximize Profits in the New Year” on January 24th leading experts from One Step Retail Solutions will discuss the impact that retail technology will have for retailers in 2008.

Featured retail experts from One Step include CEO Scott Kreisberg, VP Operations Peter Pishko, VP Sales Kevin McAdam, and Director of Technical Services Charles Wood.

“Today’s point of sale retail technology is a major factor that can impact the way retailers do business,” says Kevin McAdam. “When retailers know the full use of the technology, they end up reshaping the way they manage their retail operations and are able to compete with the big boys,” McAdam reports.

The webinar event takes place at 2:00 PST on January 22, 2008 and registration is at For registration by phone, call 800-266-1328.

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