Manuel Núñez Presentation at the Forum Business Travel: "Servantrip is Filling a New Niche in the Travel Market"

Servantrip offers services for travelers in their destination cities. Servantrip's CEO presented the project and its achievements in the travel industry at an important Spanish Business Travel Forum.

Madrid, Spain, November 17, 2016 --( You might have noticed that, the global travel industry is rapidly changing, a lot of new business models and players stepped into the competitive landscape, and they are starting to win the market. To be noticed in this fierce environment, means you are doing things right!

Therefore, to be invited to a major Spanish Forum - Business Travel, in collaboration with Amadeus Spain, makes Servantrip team proud.

This grand event was held today in Madrid, where representatives of a new wave of Global Business Travel Industry showed and explained their ideas.

Among them was the CEO of Servantrip, Manuel Núñez, who displayed a colorful presentation, fully explaining how he managed to fill up a new niche of the market.

The secret is not to be afraid to go global, move hand in hand with the trends and think about micro details, because that's what drives our customers to keep coming back to us!
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