UpsideLMS Brings in Enhanced User Experience with Its Latest Release

UpsideLMS adds more advanced tools for Classroom Training, and enhanced user experience for Learners and Administrators.

Pune, India, November 19, 2016 --( UpsideLMS, the leading provider of the Best Value SaaS Learning Management System, announces today the release of UpsideLMS 7.3 version. The multi award-winning platform has been further enhanced with a number of advanced tools to offer more value to Learners and Administrators, and a host of interface and user experience enhancements.

UpsideLMS 7.3 strengthens UpsideLMS’ promise to create a simpler and enhanced experience for users and administrators alike. Features like Batch Management, complete access and a full view of the team's learning catalog to the managers, along with learner-centric value-adds like enhanced interface designs for catalog and learning plan, and simplified workflows together bring in an enhanced value for the user.

Quick preview of the key features follows:
Batch Management - This is an advanced tool for organizations that use Classroom Training extensively and need to create and manage multiple batches for a single Classroom Training session. The tool further provides learners with the flexibility to 'Enroll' for a batch or 'Change'/ 'Cancel' an already assigned batch. Managing Classroom Training for complex environments is now much simpler with this tool.
Team Catalog - UpsideLMS 7.3 gives a complete view of all the catalogs availed by the direct and indirect team members to Line Managers and Indirect Line Managers respectively. Further, the Managers can nominate their team members for both Public and Private Curriculums.
Curriculum Images, Videos and Documents - Admins can upload related images, videos and documents for the curriculums making it easier for learners to get a quick overview of the curriculum and then request, self-assign or purchase a particular curriculum from the catalog. This could be used for attaching media for pre-, post-, and even during- training activities.
Simplified Workflows for quick creation of an ILT (Instructor Led Training / Classroom Training) session feature in the 7.3 version. A single Classroom session can now be included in multiple Training Curriculums (paid/ private/ public).
Adding to the pack of available APIs, UpsideLMS 7.3includes a new API for assigning multiple curriculums to multiple users via webservice calls. This makes it easier than before to make UpsideLMS work with other systems with automated workflows.

"Version 7.3 is another step in our continued commitment to make and keep UpsideLMS as the Best Value SaaS LMS available for companies for internal, extended, or commercial training purpose. The new version’s features and upgrades not only enhance the user experience but also strengthen the link between learning and performance," Amit Gautam, Director - UpsideLMS and Co-founder - Upside Learning, said of the release.

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