"Las Vegas Sun" Reporter Interviews Founder of #ServingHopeLV, Revealing What It Really Feels Like to be Homeless

Siloh Moses, the founder of grassroots organization #ServingHopeLV - which is dedicated to ending poverty and homelessness in Las Vegas - tells "Las Vegas Sun" reporter Andrea Domanick what it really feels like to be homeless and how the community can help.

Las Vegas, NV, December 01, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Most of us have passed a homeless person before and wondered whether it could happen to us, and, if it did, what it would really be like. It could, most certainly, happen to anyone, as 35 percent of homelessness is caused by loss of income and another 15 percent results from expenses exceeding income.

As Siloh Moses, the founder of #ServingHopeLV, explains to Las Vegas Sun reporter Andrea Domanick, “The worst part of being homeless isn’t being homeless. It’s how other people treat you when you’re homeless.” He describes the experience as feeling “absolutely alone in the world.” Moses knows the feeling from personal experience - he spent seven months on the streets after losing his job as a call center manager.

After months of eating out of dumpsters and living in public restrooms, Moses finally asked for help. A former boss gave him a place to live and a computer, enabling him to get back on his feet and immediately started giving back and helping other people who found themselves in similar circumstances. Moses considers himself lucky, explaining to Domanick that not everyone has someone to turn to.

Moses hopes that they can provide that Las Vegas’s less fortunate. Organizations like #ServingHopeLV are bringing their compassion to the homeless community and making a meaningful impact. Every Monday, #ServingHopeLV hosts #GiveForwardMondays, providing home-cooked meals, clothing, and hygiene supplies to Las Vegas’s less fortunate people.

Domanick details the “people power” behind #ServingHopeLV - there are no monetary donations, only locals giving back to the city that they love. That help comes in many forms, including helping #GiveForwardMondays guests polish their resumes, obtain bus passes, and coordinate job interviews.

#ServingHopeLV helped over 100 people find a permanent place to live in 2016. Moses explains to Domanick, “We’re not there just to serve those in line, but, rather, to get them out of the line.”

Moses adds, “We did this by focusing all of our energy and love into those who were ready. Ready to make a change and get off of the streets. We placed them in housing that matched their needs to get back on their feet. Addiction recovery housing for those with addiction challenges. Mental health housing for those with mental health challenges, and rooms for rent / apartments for those who were ready to go without any addictions to battle first."

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#ServingHopeLV is a completely independent grassroots community give-back organization dedicated to eliminating homelessness and poverty in the Vegas Valley through giftivism - genuine acts of kindness so radical that they spark change in not just ourselves, but the world, as well. Last year, alone, #ServingHopeLV gave away 64,000 individual meals to those who couldn’t afford one, had over 5,000 volunteers join them in their cause, and saved 100 lives from homelessness by placing them into permanent housing.

For more information, please visit http://hashtagservinghopelv.org/
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