Social Media Users Gives Indian Government's Demonetization Move a Thumbs Up

New Delhi, India, November 27, 2016 --( A recent study of social media conversations with 16 million+ impressions by 630 unique users around demonetization found that social media users have given Demonetization by the Narendra Modi government a thumbs up with an 18% positive sentiment. A higher percentage of women took part in these conversations with most conversations originating from Android OS.

PickdUp, a digital marketing EdTech venture has recently analyzed the opinions of social media users through their conversations around demonetization. A total of 742 Posts have been analyzed with 630 unique users talking about #demonetization. These conversations have generated 16.039 million impressions.

Black Money and fight against corruption have been central themes of the conversations around demonetization. There has been a higher active participation by women in conversations. Overall, 36.4% of all conversations were driven by women. 18% of conversations analyzed were positive including 75.6% being neutral. It indicates an overall positive sentiment towards the move.

44% of users shared content through an Android device followed by people sharing stories from the desktop/web browsers.

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Sushant Kumar