K’Bro, Emotional Resiliency App Designed to Give Peace of Mind to Parents and Kids, Launches Indiegogo Campaign

K’Bro Raises Funds to Complete Development of Tool to Help Kids and Parents Recognize Changes in Emotional Health before They Become Serious; 29 Million 9-17 year-olds are at Risk

Menlo Park, CA, December 02, 2016 --(PR.com)-- K’Bro, an emotional resiliency app designed as a game while also helping kids and teens develop skills to manage difficulties in their lives, today announced the launch of its Indiegogo campaign.

Childhood mental health disorders cost families and society at large an estimated $247 billion a year in treatment, special education, juvenile justice and decreased productivity. 29 million 9-17 year olds are at risk.(1)

K’Bro is a safe place for kids and teens to share their thoughts and emotions and get advice on how to deal with the challenges they face, while getting validation on how they’re doing through the “Am I OK?” index. The app sends a daily index score to parents, alerting them if there’s cause for concern.

K’Bro leverages deep learning technology with semantic search and natural language processing of emotions expressed and issues raised via anonymous sharing.

“Parents worry about their kids, with good cause,” said Patrina Mack, founder of K’Bro and mother of a teenage boy. “With substance abuse and suicide on the rise in this age group, K’Bro has been developed to help uncover issues before they become serious. It gives kids and teens a fun way to express how they’re feeling without having to deal with their parents ‘poking’ into their business.”

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., with boys ages 10 to 14 showing the second highest increase in suicide rates.(2) K’Bro can help provide early indicators that something is not quite right, facilitating parental engagement and other interventions.

The Indiegogo campaign has a goal of $25,000, with funds going toward development of in-app features, efficacy testing, refining the predictive analytics of the “Am I OK?” index, and enhancing the conversation starter tips for parents to make them more specific while maintaining the child's privacy.

To learn more about K’Bro or to contribute to the campaign, visit K’Bro on Indiegogo. Levels start at $10 and range up to $250.

About K’Bro
K’Bro, based in Menlo Park, California, was developed by Patrina Mack, a product marketing expert and mother of a teenage boy, and leading AI experts. The app is a tool to give kids, and their parents, the ability to recognize when an intervention is needed by a trusted peer, parent or therapist. As the child plays the “Am I OK?” game or uses other features in the app, K’Bro anonymously captures data about a child’s emotional state that informs the “Am I OK?” index. K’Bro uses artificial intelligence, much the way Siri works, to analyze when a child’s behavior is worrisome - and when it’s not. Parents can choose to subscribe to K’Bro to receive weekly updates and alerts with conversation starter tips. Actual comments by kids remain private, protecting their privacy and willingness to share. K’Bro is always free to kids so they will know for themselves if they’re doing OK and use the many features within K’Bro to build emotional resiliency on their own. To learn more, visit http://www.kbro.io/ or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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