F.E. Moran Offers Owen Moran Scholarship to Mechanical Students

F.E. Moran is offering scholarships to two mechanical trades students in honor of Owen Moran who always encouraged advanced learning and hard work.

Northbrook, IL, December 02, 2016 --(PR.com)-- F.E. Moran is excited to announce that it will be offering the Owen Moran Scholarship for the second year in a row. This scholarship is in the memory of Owen Moran, an HVAC enthusiast who believed that HVAC was more than a mechanical trade, it was life safety and comfort.

Students can apply for this $1,000 scholarship until December 29, 2016. Applicants must be enrolled full time, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology, Construction Management, or Engineering and an active MCAA student chapter member.

The scholarship awardees will be determined by the Scholarship and Awards Committee that includes a MCA student chapter faculty advisor. The committee will evaluate based on academic performance, extracurricular activities, and other guidelines.

“Owen Moran was a big proponent of hard work. This scholarship is our way of honoring his memory. He would have wanted us to praise these students’ effort to learn and encourage the idea that with education and hard work, we can achieve our dreams,” Charlotte Flesher, VP of F.E. Moran said when asked about the inspiration behind the scholarship.

For over eighty years, the Moran family has been passionate about mechanical engineering. In 1931, F.E. Moran opened as a boiler and radiator installation service provider and has since grown to six companies, providing services in HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection installation and service. Owen Moran’s enthusiasm for mechanical engineering has spurred the Owen Moran Scholarship in his honor. It will be awarded to two candidates each year for $1,000. Owen Moran would be proud to encourage a new generation to pursue a career in mechanical engineering. As Owen would say, this trade is more than just a trade, it is life safety and life comfort.
F.E. Moran
Sarah Block