Launches 30 Days Bonus Program for Its Loyal Subscribers and Their Friends (online security & privacy solutions provider) announces “Bring a Friend” program that aims at expanding its network of registered users, new referrals and affiliates, as well as providing more accessible options of safe & secure Internet browsing for committed web surfers.

Prague, Czech Republic, December 04, 2016 --( Expanding the community of people united by the same interests and sharing the same high ideas is exciting. It’s an especially noble mission if the ideas refer to the sphere of human rights’ provision.

The iconic documents, like Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Bill of Human Rights, declare basic rights of human beings among which there are rights of privacy, free speech, freedom of thought and movement, etc. These rights are inseparably connected with the concept of WWW and the universal freedoms it guarantees to every Internet user.

Privatoria makes its contribution into the global process of securing online privacy and safety by offering services that create safe havens of anonymity in the vast and sometimes dangerous digital ocean. These services (VPN, VPN Tor, Proxy, Proxy Tor, and anonymous emails) allow Internet users to browse the Web securely and safely, to unlock sites with geo-restricted content, to hide / change their IP address in order to get access to (wrongfully) blocked online regions, to remain anonymous while surfing the Web, to encrypt sensitive data and protect their transfer via insecure channels, as well as to guarantee equality of chances for the global online community.

In accordance with the above-mentioned missions and visions, Privatoria created its 30 days bonus program for people who cannot imagine their life without being connected online 24/7/365, but want to be secure while browsing vast venues of the Internet and want to invite the attention of their friends and acquaintances to the burning issues of online security. Digital security can be compared to physical hygiene and the overall health of an organism. Awareness-raising work among its clients as per online security issues lets the company stand out from the competitors.

Passionate web surfers are invited to participate in the program together with their multiple friends. Registration process is utterly simplified for the benefit of end users. They simply get their unique referral link and start recommending the service via all online channels accessible to them (sending emails, commenting on blogs & forums, sharing on social media, etc.). One month of free service for one subscribed friend is fair enough; the more new subscribers they bring, the more months of free service they get as bonus. Please be informed that a user must have an extended subscription plan in order to participate in the bonus program. Welcome.

Since August 2013, Privatoria s.r.o ( has been providing online security solutions: VPN, VPN Tor, Proxy, Proxy Tor, and anonymous emails. Anonymous communication, data encryption and secure web surf are integrated within 2 complex packages of online security services - VPN Tor / Proxy Tor.

The company’s team has 10-year experience in IT (possessing a patent for utility model No.85414 “Confidential data transmission method” of 25.11.2013); it has passed through restructuration times & renewed its activities with enhanced vigor.
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